A French academic has written a paper stating the US and Europe should strategically unite politically. Canada of course will be a part of it.

So far we have a world where capitalism is pravailing, but democracy and the rule are playing catchup. In Russia, China and many other rising countries in the world today, they may determine the future and act against centuries of progress. The West is by no means perfect, and the US today is in a funk, but many of us are looking for some improvement in world affairs and this is a start. Fences are going up in the world and a new paradigm seems required.

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The idea comes from Edouard Balladur, the former French prime minister whose belly-of-the-beast Gaullist establishment credentials stretch back 40 years. Today, part of his pertinence lies in a close relationship with Nicolas Sarkozy, once his budget minister and spokesman, who a decade ago argued that Balladur would make a better president than Jacques Chirac.