Curvier women smarter ?

I knew there was a good reason for that extra junk in my trunk!

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What means cruvier Zan? I think the misspelling puts the lie to that what.
Cruvier women smarter ? Wow look at the cruvs on her. She the cruviest i'v ever seen, she must be a brainiac. Slow dwon for the cruvs ahead.
Um...I didnt see any spelling errors...but then Im pretty curvy...

The idea that curvier women are best is ancient. It's only been the last 40 years or so that media/marketing has sought to change that opinion.

I'd like my overall size to be smaller, but I love the way Im shaped really. Im busty and my waist is considerably smaller than my hips and bust.

Marilyn Monroe was a size 14. That's almost a PLUS size now!! Jane Russell, Mae West--seriously gorgeous curvy women. Would be considered overweight by today's "Standards".

Oh wait. The title has a misspelling LOL my bad.

And all three of my kids have tested "gifted" there may be some legs to that theory!
Quote: Originally Posted by darkbeaverView Post

What means cruvier Zan? I think the misspelling puts the lie to that what.

hahaha ... oh cr*p. I guess I better fix that.

uhhh... I mean what spelling errors?!?
Oh curvier.
Say what??

Stats say more people are obese. (curvy)

Therefore more women are obese (curvy)

A lot of women are smart

Since more women are curvy and a lot of women are smart it follows that a lot of curvy women would be

Curvy women look good though.

Not big huge women with their bellies hanging down to their knees, just sort of.......well........curvy.........curvy, right, that's it..

Smart, curvy women, who like sex. Yep, totally smarter.

There are papers out there that describe the perferred curvatures which are the result of the selection process of evolution, which in this case explains how females selected males and males selected females and how we arrived at todays mean desirable norms of yummy. We built each other for each other. In the case of curves those same fine lines cut in cardboard will invoke the same primal directives as the real architecture.
I thought it meant they were more warped.
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I thought it meant they were more warped.

I know that's what hubby seems to like about me. Warped, twisted, totally 'curvy'. lol.

well ok, I'll grant ya that....butt one ever said it was due to my butt before.....
My favourite word? Zaftig.

It means curvy, fecund, ripe, full-breasted. The list goes on.

There isn't a single straight line anywhere on my girlfriends' body.


"It means curvy, fecund, ripe, full-breasted. The list goes on."'Pangloss'

Fecund rite it does.

Oh ya come home late and ya come home curvy

apologies to John Prine.

She was goin round the curvy, doin 90 miles an hour.

We was goin to get hitched, then she threw me a CURVY.

Neat word!


smarter than what?
Than just about anything.

Nuggler, "Smart, curvy women, who like sex. Yep, totally smarter."

Absolutely. Smart, curvy, sexy women, who like me. Izzat so wrong?

I've just discovered that Pangloss is a man. I feel like John Candy waking up next to Steve Martin. What to Hell kind of name is Pangloss for a man?

I have to do something quick or I will never sleep with myself again. Smart, yes. Curves, tick. Sex... Zan! But I've been hurt before. Pangloss is an animal!

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