Russia supplies nuclear fuel to Iran

Russia Supplies Nuclear Fuel to Iran
2007-12-17 16:03:37 Xinhua

Russia on Monday supplied the first batch of nuclear fuel to Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant (NPP) that was contracted by a Russian company, news agencies reported, citing the contractor company Atomstroiexport.

A total of 163 main and 17 reserve assemblies of U-235 enriched to 3.62 percent would be delivered for the first loading, the company said in a statement. All the deliveries will be made in several stages over two months.

During an inspection in late November, experts from the U.N. atomic watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Russian nuclear specialists have checked and sealed those nuclear fuel containers for delivery to Iran at a Siberian chemical plant.

As the first nuclear power station in Iran, Bushehr had been expected to start operation this past September.

But the start-up has been delayed and the project remains under construction due to a dispute between Russian contractors and Iran over the terms of payment.

Russia and Iran reached an agreement earlier this month that paved the way for the delivery of nuclear fuel.

The United States and some other Western countries have been alleged that Iran may try to develop atomic bombs under a civilian cover.

Iran has denied all the charges, saying it's nuclear program was just aimed at generating electricity and would never abandon its legal rights.

Russian Foreign Ministry, however, has promised that those fuel will be under control of the IAEA.

"All fuel that will be delivered will be under control and guarantees of the IAEA for the whole time it stays on Iranian territory," the ministry said in a statement on Monday.

"Moreover, the Iranian side gave additional written guarantees that the fuel will be used for the Bushehr NPP only," it said. (external - login to view)
The thing I would worry about is that Israel will bomb the place in the face of objections by both China and Russia, and get the world into a situation that it will have a hell of a time getting out of.
Russia and China can oppose whatever they wish, despite the setup of the UN, they aren't actually world dictators.

If Israel wishes to undergo such an action, good for it I just hope it realises the consequences (which really won't be much considering Russia already is the main weapon supplier for nations currently in a state of war with Israel). China is far more concerned with Africa right now.
Until the IAEA loses track of the bomb raw material, nobody is going to make a move. If and when and as soon as the IAEA starts to complain about the missing 'fuel', Isreal will call Washingtron to advise the President that they are going to spank Iran. Washington will say, "Give us time, stand down, we'll handle this."

The monkey will be on the American back again with iran smirking and bitching on one side and Isael simmering on the other. America will threaten, the peaceniks will beg for appeasement, and if the deal will goes down bad, the Americans will be blamed. But the Iranians are not going to get the bomb. Not even one bomb.

Thank goodness for America, a sturdier whipping boy is not to be found!

China is far more concerned with Africa right now.

Resource wise, but not environmental wise.
Africa won't last long if they don't take grip of themselves.
I will give about 50 years until they are nuked.

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