UK looks to make Antarctica claim

If everyone else is doing it, the Brits can too. So there.

The UK is looking to claim sovereignty over a large area of the remote seabed off Antarctica.

The claim for an area around British Antarctica is one of a number being prepared by the Foreign Office, a spokeswoman said. Even if granted, those rights would not allow Britain to contravene the treaty that prohibits oil and gas tapping under the seabed.

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There's a good historical argument for the Italians to claim most of the British Isles,too and similarly,one for all the displaced Acadians to lay claim to most of the Maritimes.
Could be solved by a good game of Risk.
Quote: Originally Posted by LocutusView Post

Could be solved by a good game of Risk.

Go with Black! Army of death always wins!
Trade ya Aunty Artica for Southern Spain......... ?

Just askin eh.


Since the Yanks were first on the moon.....

And since the Yanks would therefore own the moon by default...

Let's sue the United States for tides caused by the moon!

Reckless endangerment, gross negligence causing harm....

If it's appropriate and seems to be the way human beings think....the moon doesn't belong to everyone or no one, but to the self-centred and greedy who believe that anything that might be useful to them at some point in the future can lay claim to it....

Human beings don't "own" anything and the greed of nations that inspires them to lay claim to Arctic and Antarctic seabeds....well, even if mankind were to go to Mars or into space, the animal itself hasn't evolved past this level of self-centeredness and greed so we will in fact be exporting all the same notions and convictions and greed into the great beyond....

I can only hope that there is life in the universe other than mankind....

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