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If you are unable to think of a way to force hundreds of people out of their homes without creating mass graves, then you aren't thinking very hard. How did Zionists manage do it back in 1947-48? How have they managed to keep doing it ever since?

Well, they those residents who 'chose' to leave (by your criteria set for Jews in Iran) were sent to other parts of the same country(and lets be realistic here, neither group had a good choice but to leave) , IE, Jordanian/Palestianians in Jordan or went to other countries in the region of the same culture.

So, do you know another country in the region willing to take in 5 million Jewish people until they can return to Israel?

There is nowhere to send someone who's lineage realistically is Israeli (as its mixed and the only common point is Israel). Most of the countries their mixed ancestors fled from wouldn't take them even if they weren't mixed lineage.

It is still just asking for genocide with prettier words.

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What I think these people are proposing is giving some of what they've been getting.

Well if thats what they want, sure. Then I support Israel bombing the crap out of them. If their goal is to be the same as Israel, and the only difference between the two would be that Israel is both our ally and winning, and they are the same except they are losing and hate us, why shouldn't I support Israel above them? If your goal is to be the same, then you have no moral justification to complain. It would be like a thief complaining he got robbed.

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In my opinion, ethnic cleansing is a crime against humanity. I do not advocate committing a crime against humanity as a solution to problems caused by a crime against humanity. Forcing millions of Jews into refugee camps would not lead to peace. That would be just another crime against humanity.

I agree, you cannot go back to the way things were and you need to be adults and deal with it. Israel is not leaving Jewish hands anymore than Native Americans are going to drive out the new settlers on their land. Its a reality of history, the same as the fall of rome and the colonial era.

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A reasonable solution might be to end this failed Zionist experiment. Jews living in Zionist Israel are not safe. Their existance is continually threatened by war, death and destruction. Jews living in Toronto, New York, London, Tokyo... are far safer than they are in Haifa and Tel Aviv.

That isn't a solution, its a statement. It is equally as true that Palestinians living in Toronto, New York, London, Tokyo...are far safer than they are in Gaza and the West Bank.

It is no different than saying "end this failed experiment of creating a new national identity. Jordanians, Egyptians and Syrians living in Palestinian areas are not safe, Their existance is continually threatened by war, death and destruction"

It still fails to point out "So what?", Safe or not that is their home (to both groups) and they can't go anywhere. They are stuck there, they can't all magically fly away and its highly unlikely they could get someone to let all of them immigrate.

Even if they could, why should one group leave and the other stay. Of the two, it would seem the Palestinians should leave, they are worse off than Israelis.

Don't get me wrong, thats tongue in cheek, they should not have to leave their homes, but its not like Israeli's can either.

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The only longterm solution would be for the nations which helped create this problem to take responsibility for their actions and allow millions of people (Jews and non-Jews) to emigrate.

Awesome, Jordan, Syria and Egypt can all take in the Palestinians and leave the region empty, it can be a no mans land. They and Israel are the only nations involved in this (as the Ottoman empire is defunct).

Again, why should Israeli's have to emigrate? they are the ones doing well, why not have the palestinians emigrate, they are the ones in trouble.

Its simply non-sensical to imply one group should leave and not the other, especially when that one group is the one least in need (morally or practically) of leaving.

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By the way, you never gave me an opinion about this website:

www.jewsagainstzionism.com/about/mission.cfm (external - login to view)

What does it matter if a Jewish person opposes Israel? Judaism is not a collective hive mind, nor does the fact that something is said by a Jewish person lend any validity to an arguement. Its like saying because some muslims support Israel, therefore Israel is correct.

Many, many Arabs support Israel (1/10th of the parliment plus the citizens that represents)

Here is a group similar to yours.
www.arabsforisrael.com/ (external - login to view)