What happened to the PPM referendum last night?

Have they released the vote tally of the referendum? Do we have PPM next vote or not?
Defeated by a margin of 2 to 1
That's not surprising.

Canada, despite its faults, runs pretty smoothly.
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That's not surprising.

Also, most people do not like change. Perhaps if the issue was discussed a little more, instead of being thrust on the Ontario residents at election time, the outcome might be different.
There was very little information about it before the vote. Part of the problem I think was that no one really new what it was all about and rather than just jumping into it unaware, it got the cold shoulder.

There are a few things that I wasn't really sure about like the party members that aren't elected by anyone to fill seats that ensure representation of numbers. It wasn't at all clear how those politicians would be held accountable in high profile portfolios.

Not to mention that there were other alternatives to the one they picked as MMP. There was a discussion on The Agenda with Steve Pakin about this. A much better job of informing the electorate of the issue will have to happen before something like this is ever going to fly.

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