Richard Jewell Dies - Olympic Bomb Suspect

Remember the poor security guard who was accused of being the Olympic Bomber in Atlantic City when he was innocent - but tried and convicted by the hysterical media?

He died of natural causes but the article I linked to doesn't specify - I always felt terrible about him - he didn't have much of a life during those dark days - because the police were determined to accuse someone before the Olympics were over....

Here's a link to the story: (external - login to view)
I'll tune in to Nancy Grace to hear the true story. She's not one of those hysterical types. Always unbiased.
Poor guy. Everybody got on his case for being a ''mama's boy'' who did not leave home because he couldn't get a date. A few women later date him but only because they were seeking to get publicity for themselves after the notoriety he got.

Poor guy never had much of a chance in life but managed despite all.
It's too bad.

He should have been a hero.
I was 2 blocks away from the bomb. My husband and I were at the hotel with Coke & Reuters. When I woke up that morning, the entire city of Atlanta was locked down. Police were shoulder-to-shoulder surrounding every building. Tanks rolled down Peachtree Street. It was something to see. But, it
was a mess to get out off. Every newspaper reporter in both the Atlanta and Dallas airports wanted to interview us. Quite exciting, but not for poor Mr. Jewel.


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