Gun Crime Steadily Rises in Britain

10 years after banning all handguns and almost totally doing away with all gun ownership, gun crime in Britain has reached epidemic proportions. This does not come as a surprise to allot of criminologists because when you ban anything you create an increase in criminal activity in the way of smuggling and illegal trafficking. Not only has Britain seen gun crime and violence continue to increase years after the ban, they are also seeing the cost of the illegal guns coming way down in price because of the increase in trafficking after the ban took effect. This is great for all of the criminals and young gang bangers because now in Britain, illegal gun ownership is very affordable. I suspect the exact same thing would happen in Canada if guns were ever banned but 10x as bad considering we live next door to the worlds longest unprotected border plus the worlds largest supply of easily accessible guns. For the sake and safety of Canada, keeping guns legal but also requiring the strict licensing that is already in place would probably be the safest approach. (external - login to view)

Gun crime is symptomatic of a growing black presence in your country. Same here. Handgun violence is overwhelmingly a black community problem.
In Australia its an asian rather than black problem similar to Toronto.........

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