2 Canadian soldiers, interpreter killed in Afghanistan

Here we go again.

Two Canadian soldiers and an interpreter were killed Wednesday after an intense battle in southern Afghanistan.
The incident also injured a journalist from Radio-Canada, as well as a third soldier.
The CBC's Brooks DeCillia said the Canadians hit a roadside bomb planted by retreating insurgents after an hour-long battle about 40 kilometres southwest of Kandahar.
The soldiers, whose names have not been released, were from Quebec's famed Royal 22nd Regiment, known as the Van Doos.
The regiment, which has been posted in Afghanistan for less than a month, was already coping with the loss of Pte. Simon Longtin, the first Van Doos soldier to die in Afghanistan.
Longtin, 23, was killed Sunday when the vehicle he was in hit a roadside bomb. His body arrived back in Canada from Afghanistan just hours before the latest deaths were announced on Wednesday.

"It's been a troubling day here, just a few weeks on the job and already this conflict is testing the Van Doos," DeCillia said, reporting from Kandahar.
No details about the nationality of the interpreter have been released.

Meanwhile, Radio-Canada confirmed that two of its own journalists were involved in the attack.
Radio-Canada cameraman Charles Dubois suffered a serious leg injury and had to have surgery. His injury is not life-threatening.
Reporter Patrice Roy, who was in Afghanistan covering the work of Canadian soldiers, was not seriously harmed, but is in shock.
NATO announced the deaths in a press release issued by its International Security Assistance Force, known as ISAF.
"[The incident] puts into context the very real dangers, difficulties and life-threatening situations our ISAF troops, media and the interpreters who accompany them, encounter on a daily basis," said Lt.-Col. Bridget Rose, a spokeswoman for ISAF.
"Our thoughts are with the friends and families of those who have died or been injured in this incident," she said.

Whats the total of Canadian dead now? I've lost count.
This war is not worth all those lives. Why did Canada go to Afghanistan? To find Bin Laden. He's not there. Then what is Canada fighting for? If it's to bring peace to a suffering country I can think of allot of other countries that could of used Canadian help. Lets face it, the Soviet Union could not win in Afghanistan, and they were the 2nd most powerful country in the world. What makes us think that we can?
We are not a super power, and I wouldn't want us to be. I wouldn't want Canada to throw it's money into the military industrial complex instead of more important things.
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