Afghan heroin a threat to Canadian streets: RCMP

CTV News
The Mounties have warned at least two federal agencies that Afghan heroin is "increasingly'' making its way to Canada and poses a threat to the public despite funding for counter-narcotics efforts in the country.

nawwww, really, it is PROHIBITION that is a threat to Canadian addicts.
the taliban, when in power, stopped the flow/production of heroin, now that they have been ousted, its back in full production....and we thort the war in afganistan was about 911 and osama...LOL
Another record poppy crop in Afghanistan

'Afghanistan will produce another record poppy harvest this year that cements its status as the world's near-sole supplier of the heroin source, yet a furious debate over how to reverse the trend is stalling proposals to cut the crop, U.S. officials say.

Another bumper year for the Bushes, then. (external - login to view)
William Ashley
poppies can be used for more than heroin. They have usefull other uses as well.

100kg? that is only my weight(a little more) that is still perhaps 1 million+ doses say 4 doses a day 3 or 4 days a week it works out to about 1300 users and about 10 million gross street value - minus cuts on the profit for transport and middleman sales.

10 million is still a relatively small amount of money when you see marijuana as being a multi billion dollar industry in Canada.
William Ashley
"$475 million counternarcotics program" --- poppies have more uses than heroin - they are also a source of poppyseed oil and a foodcrop.

Why don't they just pay for the crops at higher than the street value rather than pump in money to fight natural growth?

Buy the crop and use it for other usages.. like poppyseed oil and foodcrop. - why destroy 95% of the worlds poppy production?

Stopping the trade of illicit drugs is one thing but destroying a countries economy without reason is another. You'd think the military would be able to police the borders of afghanastan - and stop the drug trade..
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