Glasgow airport terror suspect dies

Glasgow airport terror suspect dies

Daily Mail

The terror suspect who drove a burning Jeep into the terminal at Glasgow Airport (external - login to view) has died in hospital, police said last night.

Video: Kafeel Ahmed drove a Jeep into the terminal

Kafeel Ahmed, 27, suffered 90 per cent burns after dousing himself in petrol before the failed attack on June 30.

He was taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, before being transferred to a burns unit at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Ahmed, who worked as an aeronautical engineer in Bangalore, India, before coming to Britain, was said to have suffered third-degree burns over much of his torso and limbs.

The man alleged to have been in the car with him, Bilal Abdullah, a 27-year-old Iraqi, has been charged with conspiracy to cause explosions in relation to the attack.

Kafeel's brother, Sabeel Ahmed, 26, a junior doctor in Cheshire, has also been charged with failing to disclose information that might help police.

Dead: Kafeel Ahmed suffered 90 per cent burns

The third man charged over the failed bomb attacks in Glasgow and London is Mohammed Jamil Asha, 26, who is accused of conspiracy to cause explosions.

According to friends and family, Kafeel changed dramatically three years ago after joining the Tablighi Jamaat missionary group.

His parents, Maqbool and Zakia Ahmed, live in a smart suburb of Bangalore and are both doctors who worked in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Kafeel did a degree in mechanical engineering at BDT College of Engineering in Davanagere, which he finished in 2000. From there he moved to Belfast for a masters in aeronautical engineering at Queens University and served on the executive of the university Islamic society.

After a period doing research in Belfast, Kafeel moved to Cambridge in 2004, where he stayed at the Islamic Academy and studied for a PhD in computational fluid dynamics at Anglia Ruskin University.

Kafeel Ahmed
He's gone to be with the 72 virgins. Boo hoo.
I hope he had health insurance. Do you think the Brits would send his parents a bill?
This guy had a degree in mechanical engineering, a masters degree in aeronautical engineering, and he studied for a phd in fluid dynamics. Then he kills himself driving a burning jeep into an airport. Go figure....

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