Cry me a river...

It seems a man who locked his Rottie in his car for hours in the heat until it was rescued near death is complaining someone beat him up while handcuffed.

That's disgusting...letting him live to complain that is.


Man charged with animal cruelty alleges beating

Updated Wed. Aug. 1 2007 3:19 PM ET
A Toronto man, who has been charged with animal cruelty for allegedly locking his Rottweiler in a sweltering car, claims he was beaten while handcuffed to his vehicle.
After hearing his car alarm sound, the man rushed out to his vehicle and was apprehended by Humane Society officials who handcuffed him to the car and called police.
The owner of the dog claims he was beaten by angry passersby while authorities attended to the dying animal.
He was bleeding when officers arrived on the scene to take him away.
Humane Society officials were called to a parking lot in the west end of the city on Tuesday afternoon.
A bylaw officer smashed the window of a parked car when the Rottweiler was discovered in the back seat gasping for air.
Lee Oliver, a spokesperson from the Toronto Humane Society, said Wednesday the owner needed to be subdued in order to rescue the animal and was fully supportive of the responding official's actions.
"He was jeopardizing the rescue operation and was threatening the safety of people at the scene," Oliver said.
"He handcuffed him to the car to neutralize that threat."
Oliver says the official left the man handcuffed to the vehicle with no less than five of the man's friends watching over him.
Police at the 14th division say they are not investigating any complaints of abuse at this time.
The owner could face up to six months in jail for the alleged offence.
Rottweiler recovering
The dog is currently in critical condition after being locked in 70 degree Celsius heat for three hours or more.
"It's one of the most disturbing things that I've seen in this job that I've worked for over a year now; to see that animal moments from death in such distress slumped over in the back of the car gasping for its last breaths of air," Humane Society official Tre Smith, who rescued the animal, told CTV News on Wednesday.
Officials say they are "cautiously optimistic" the animal will survive.
"He was up for a walk this morning, which is really a big deal," Oliver told CTV News.
"He can move his legs normally when he is walking which means maybe the brain damage isn't as bad as we at first expected."
Oliver says when temperatures reach the mid-thirties the temperature inside a vehicle can reach 70 degrees in less than 10 minutes.
"A dog and a cat both have a core temperature of 39 degrees. When they get above 39, into 40 or 41, they start to suffer forms of morbid organ damage and a little hotter than that, they suffer brain damage and they can pass away pretty quickly," Oliver said.
The Humane Society recommends leaving animals at home with the air conditioning on with a bowl of water during the summer season.
With files from The Canadian Press
Never ceases to amaze me.
Considering how the guy had "four or five friends watching over him", he probably had one of them biff him in the head to potentially get his case dismissed and to get him out of trouble.
He should concider himself lucky.........Bastard.

Lock him in a hot car for three or fours hours.
What a jerk. Doesn't deserve a dog
I was recently watching a red-neck comic on TV and his premise was "YOU CAIN'T FIX STOOPID!!! You can fix ignorance through education, use psychology to assist depression, and so on..........but: YOU CAIN'T FIX STOOPID!!!

Strikes me as these *******s are always going to be with us. Unfortunately they seem to be smart enough to drive, just stoopid enough to leave dogs, kids, hamsters, in hot cars.

There ain't no cure folks. Just gotta deal withem when they crop up. Someun shoulda nailed the prick with a bat...........wooden kind.

Just my .02
Dreadful Nonsense
It's beyond stupid....the title of the thread says it all...fukc im
I'm so glad the dog is going to live. I would 'hope' that he will not
get the dog back.

It makes me cry to think about the suffering of animals and children at the hands of their 'so called'
guardians and protectors, the people who 'should' love them, and do all they can to make sure no harm
comes to them.
I've been disturbed quite a few times this week by the pictures shown on television of that guy who is charged for some crime - who ran a dog fighting 'ranch' operation.... the scenes of the dogs and their scarred faces has been tough to take and now this story....

Some days I wonder if there really are people totally devoid of feeling walking around this some kind of missing link rhizopus.... as if putting them out of their misery would not be a lesson learned because they have no capacity for learning.... only the basics of eating, sleeping, defecating and sex.

I dream of an island prison much like the beginning of Australia was... where we could put child and animal abusers together.... their guards could be well fed mastiffs, the large felines, and a few coyotes and vultures to tidy up the place....a small plot of land surrounded by waters with crocodiles patiently waiting for their dinners....not enough room to accommodate all... so some would have to be naturally 'sacrificed'....Let nature do its work.... justifiably...

I really hate people like this.... with no shame at all for my hate.
Oh lovely - my home town has one of these neanderthals too

Simi Valley,CA
A man was charged with felony animal cruelty for allegedly leaving his Lab to languish for hours and die in his hot car - the county DA's office said Thursday.

Bennett Ira Golderg 55, was scheduled to be arraigned Thursday in VanNuys Superior Court. He was being held on $20,000 bail and could not be reached (I'll bet)...

On Tuesday a neighbor heard a dog barking in distress in Canoga Park area and called police. When officers arrived they found Golderg's two-year-old Lab dead inside his sport utility vehicle. The dog had been - allegedly - in the SUV for four hours.

Goldberg faces up to three years in state prison (not long enough).... I hope he gets raped while doing his time....
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The man's in need of a good beating. I never did believe much in prison time. Bring out the lash, bring out the punchers. If pain can't reform someone nothing else will. And if necessary, bring out the hoods. Prison dollars should be spent on health care.
Quote: Originally Posted by tamarinView Post

The man's in need of a good beating. I never did believe much in prison time. Bring out the lash, bring out the punchers. If pain can't reform someone nothing else will. And if necessary, bring out the hoods. Prison dollars should be spent on health care.

Now there's a thought after my own heart. During my working life I was a mechanical engineer and consultant in the construction field. I once did a study at Aggassi Mountain Prison. At the time this was a medium security prison housing the whole spectrum of murderers, rapists, and other felons. I was shocked. This wasn't a prison. This was almost a luxury hotel with 3 choices of menus for every meal. The convicts had several hours a day when they could watch a movie or television. The prospect of serving a year or so or more in that institution would not deter any criminal. In my estimation, prison should not be pleasant or is punishment. Bring back the lash by all means...
Juan, you and I could clean up this country overnight. Do-gooders and do-gooderism have helped create a culture of denial, complacency and guilt. The belief the state has no right to inflict pain has created a behavioural sciences juggernaut here that feeds on crime and its participants.
Up the Revolution....Man the Barricades.......Shoot the detractors of the truth.....I got carried away...
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"YOU CAIN'T FIX STOOPID!!! You can fix ignorance through education, use psychology to assist depression, and so on..........but: YOU CAIN'T FIX STOOPID.

Love Ron White. He's awesome
In the words of my very uneducated husband, whom I love very much.

" He should be shot with a ball of his own **IT
Absolutely sick. I don't understand how anyone can harm animals like that.
I'm picturing a penal colony in the high arctic with no fences and a garbage dump to attract polar bears. Let's see how some folk like not being at the top of the food chain.

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