Global TV ran a film last week about the stupidity of the war on drugs. It is about time. I was surprised, it was very honest and is the kind of thing that media usually keeps from us.

It was a lot like the book by an ex-narc Michael Levine [DEA] called "Big White Lies" , who coined the term "Cocaine Importing Agency" for the CIA, and tells of how the CIA protects drug dealers and helps import the hard drugs into America. It was backed up in this film. Its true, wake up!!

The film had ex-narcs on who said the CIA was importing most of the cocaine and heroin into the USA, for the benefit of various military and personal accounts, to wages illegal wars and to create a few millionaires. The CIA protects growers and dealers in south america, transports, and then sells the drugs to Americans.

The drugs that are shown on the news - those big busts by the police - are just 'the competition' who tried to go it without the CIA and got caught.When you are the law, you own the prohibited market.Prohibition helps them keep this monopoly.

So, with the hard drug epidemic being mostly fueled by the efforts of government agencies, do you still believe that prohibition is to protect our youth from drugs? Or, do you now see that this is a good business arrangement?

The movie calls for the end to prohibition, and every one of the experts says it is ridiculous to think that if drugs were legal and sold openly that everyone would become a hard drug addict. Thats the point of prohibition - to stop that from happening - but addiction to hard drugs happens to only a small portion of our population who are basically self-medicating. That proportion of addicts would stay about the same - maybe even drop a bit - if all drugs were declared legal to trade posess and produce. Also, without prohibition, most addicts can live a pretty normal life - I know of people with a 15 year long addiction to morphine who keep in good physical shape and help others and are responsible people, their health is better than average [they are prescribed their morphine, but otherwise would have to commit crime to get it, it is that simple].

Drugs are not killing us, prohibition and the war on drugs are killing us.

So WOW - mainstream media is showing us that the war on drugs is basically an organised crime, complete with testimony from the ex-narcs who saw it happening. Oddly - it seems that nobody noticed this film, shown in prime time TV last week.
I was waiting to see if this issue would be posted on here, but NADA??

Global TV story link:

The Cops, the Film, etc -

Other links - L.E.A.P. etc - groups against the war on drugs:

Bolivia etc -
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but gees, this is a horrid story!! The entire war on drugs is not only a farce, it is the source of the drug problem in N.A.
No replies either, as if nobody wants to know this truth. Do you still think it is whacko conspiracy thinking? Did you read this ****???
What's new?

well, nothing much is new, old guy. Certainly not the conspiracy of drug imports by USA government officials, to finance illegal military projects like Iran contra....

ha ha ha.

Whats new with you?
it's the same as the war on terror mate, its a farce as well.......
it sure is, thanks for posting.

The war on terror is in our faces all the time, but where is the terror itself?

Not a single attack on the USA mainlands in the 6 years since "9/11". I cannot imagine that suicide bombers cannot carry out a single attack in some USA mall or whatever, over 6 years, so it must be that they are not interested in doing so.

I think the Islamics are showing a great restraint in not attacking the USA domestic.

bin Laden DID say that he would only attack American installations ON ARAB LANDS. Thats his stated objective, not American mainlands - America is where he wants all Americans to go, so why would he want the USA mainland attacked? People, you are SAFE - it is just your president scaring you, thats all.

[PS - there is global warming, if you want something real to fear].
bump - please read original post for insight into government actions and the war on drugs.
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