Glasgow Airport attempted bomber close to death

Glasgow Jeep Man 'Unlikely To Survive'

Tuesday July 10, 2007
Sky News

A terror suspect injured in the Glasgow terror attempt is unlikely to survive, one of his doctors has said.

Jeep on fire at Glasgow Airport

A member of the medical team treating Kafeel Ahmed at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Glasow said the man's severe burns were likely to prove fatal.

The doctor, speaking anonymously, said: "The prognosis is not good and he is not likely to survive.

"He has third-degree burns over most of his torso and limbs.

"It is beyond repair and because he has lost so much skin he is now vulnerable to infection and wont be able to fight it."

Ahmed, 27, allegedly crashed a Jeep Cherokee into Glasgow Airport on June 30, a day after police found two unexploded car bombs in central London.

Photographs showed police wrestling a burning man to the ground.

Prosecutors suspect Ahmed, an aeronautical engineer from India, carried out the attempted bombings in London before returning to Scotland.

Ahmed was initially treated at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.

He was transferred under sedation to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary in the early hours of Monday in an intensive care ambulance.

He is under constant armed police guard. The medical team member who discussed his condition could not confirm if police had been able to question him.
Soon he will be with the 77 virgins.
Awww...thats just a damn shame...

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