Did an Albanian steal President Bush's watch?

George Bush became the first serving US President to visit Albania - Europe's poorest country - and met an adoring crowd (Bush is so popular in Albania that he has his face on three stamps although he'll probably never overtake British comedian Norman Wisdom, who is like a god to the Albanians). But one member of the public may have stolen his watch....

Watch out, Mr President

All smiles ... Mr Bush meets the Albanian public

June 12, 2007

PRESIDENT Bush went to Albania - and it looked like all he got was his lousy watch nicked.

Footage of Mr Bush greeting the seemingly adoring Albanian public shows one member of the crowd apparently wrestling the timepiece from the most powerful wrist in the world.

Going, going, gone ... the President loses his watch

The President - unaware of the fate of the First Watch - continues to gladhand the wellwishers with his naked wrist clearly on view.

Mr Bush - who did his walkabout on Sunday - was the first US President to visit the former communist nation.

A White House spokesperson said: "The President took his watch off."

But the footage clearly shows someone else did.

One of Mr Bush's catchphrases is "not on my watch".

Maybe he should change it to "not on my wrist".

Dreadful Nonsense
hilarious....i hear if he travels to russia he's going to get a wedgy
That is funny. I wonder how much the watch costs??

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