Canada will monitor Afghan detainees for signs of torture

CBC News
The Canadian military has arranged to monitor the prisoners it hands over to Afghan security forces, Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor said Wednesday.

not ALL the prisoners. this is only more whitewash out of O'Conner. surprise surprise. the senator is right to ask to see the MoU.
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not ALL the prisoners. this is only more whitewash out of O'Conner. surprise surprise. the senator is right to ask to see the MoU.

I don't understand what you mean........"not ALL the prisoners"........seems to me this is problem solved.
of course it does. that was the intent of the announcement.

Its an arrangement with one facility in Kandahar. Becoming an unperson is still a matter of a single ride in the back of a van.
On the bright side there's plenty to indicate MacKay is going to be looking for ways to force O'Connor's jewels into a handbag. (external - login to view)


When MacKay was asked about the new deal late yesterday afternoon at a separate photo-op, he appeared to be caught off guard, saying he had just heard about it.

let the games begin.
If O'connor gets forced out ,I hope that McCallum who was the defense minister when the agreement was signed goes too. I haven't heard anything from him on this.
Let me know if I am understanding this correctly. Political corretness aside.
The Taliban and Al Queda, brutally blindfold and slice people's throats open on television. And those are the lucky ones as there are countless examples of people being brutally tortured from these people.

Brave Canadian soldiers capture these people, treat them humanly and then hand them over to the government of Afghanistan. Then all of a sudden, "our" soldiers are being accused of torturing prisoners.

Am I the only one that finds this ludicrous?

Who are we to tell the government of Afganistan how to treat their prisoners?

What are we suppposed to do? Bypass the authority of Afghanistan and build our own Canadian prisons within Afghanistan?

As usual, there are many that love to point out problems, but never come up with any solutions.
The "solution" is to get the HELL out- how many times do we hear of "the bad guys" being accusd of "propping up brutal regimes" or whatever- now WE'RE DOING THAT and the solution is to quit- how's THAT??

If I said I'd help someone say, renovate their house, and I notice that every once in a while the person goes off and say, rapes someone, I would STRONGLY reconsider helping that person out at all anymore
I see what you're saying.

When the going gets a little rough, just quit.

That's a great example to show the rest of the world.

Where would Canada be if we had that same mentality during WWII.

Lest we forget.
No, man, you're putting words into my posts that aren't there.

World War 2 is for another thread.

Your connecting of history with the present is erroneous in this case. Knowing that the folks we are ostensibly "helping" are kinda bloodthirsty barbarians is NOT "the going getting rough" so your post is pointless and is in fact attempting to spin my previous post into pure nonsense.

This "war" is the WRONG war being fought for the WRONG reasons- remember when our "mission" was to STOP things like torture and extreme discrimination against womner and stuff like taht?? I hope you do, because NOW the argument is "who are WE to tell THEM how to do things?"

THAT is ridiculous and revisionist- we originally got involved because we "didn't like the way they did things" there and wanted to change that- now, as I've posted elsewhere, the way they do things is "none of our business to judge" which is a 180 on the original mission statement as far as I can tell
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...Then all of a sudden, "our" soldiers are being accused of torturing prisoners.

Somebody said that? Damn. Which thread is that in? I wanna see if the rep button code works in my browser.

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