Ok, we are at least World Class Expensive!! We may be a back water, cold, industrial city with the countries highest homicide rate but now at least we have something to be proud of. We now rank in the top 10 for the Worlds most expensive entry level home prices in the vicinity of a downtown. Unfortunately we have to play 2nd to Calgary but I'm sure well catch up. Cold, boring, dangerous and now unaffordable, no wonder everyone is coming here?

“Canada has six of the 10 least expensive and only three of the 10 most expensive housing markets surveyed for entry-level homebuyers working in the downtown business districts,” the report released Thursday said.
Canada’s two largest cities ranked near the middle, with Montreal, at $276 per square foot the 13th most expensive, and Toronto, at $209, at 16th place.
When comparing prices to sizes of the homes, the survey found that the 10 least expensive housing markets are St. John’s, N.L., followed by Quebec City at $93 per square foot, Istanbul $94, Halifax $97, Charlottetown $104, Sydney $105, Bogota $114, Mexico City $119, Moncton, N.B., $127, and London, Ont., $132.
The 10 most expensive were Paris, followed by Moscow at $688, Seoul $630, Vancouver $577, London, England $532, Calgary $500, Athens, $375, New York City $375, Tokyo $325, and Edmonton, $322.