Liberals agree not to run candidate against Green leader

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would you mind explaining how this hurts the NDP? I can't see how they would do anything but welcome the dichotomy. Dion dropped his spoiler and pegged May into a riding she can't win.

the best hustles ALWAYS look like mistakes.

Well I was addressing motive here, not what will actually happen. If Liberals remain loyal to Dion and May manages to grab some red tories she could win, but if Liberals split between the NDP and the Conservatives out of anger and the NDP doesn't lose votes based on the "ooh, a party leader" factor than its a toss up between Mackay and the NDP candidate.

I also just found out that every NS Lib MP was initially against this plan before they were "persuaded" not to be by Dion. Does every party not care about NS?
Green doesn't necessarily mean your left leaning...
...Wikipedia, exert from "Elizabeth May" profile


Stance on abortion
May has recently made controversial statements on the issue of abortion. Although Green Party policy is officially pro-choice, while speaking to the Sisters of St. Joseph during the London by-election, May stated that she personally sees the issue as a "moral dilemma" and not "clear-cut black-and-white". May, who is a Christian, further stated her personal views, "I'm against abortion. I don't think a woman has a frivolous right to choose". In the past, May reported, she has "talked women out of having abortions". She further stated, "I would never have an abortion myself, not in a million years. I can't imagine the circumstances that would ever induce me to it". However, on the other side of the issue, May believes that they must be legal and available, because "If we make them illegal, women will die".[12] Following reports of May's statements, prominent Canadian feminist

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May is against abortion!
Allright, whose the wussy?

Liberals agree not to... (external - login to view) April 14th, 2007 03:33 AM Bad joke
Not me, I find that joke funny!
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lol, right on Toro.

Your obviously Canadian if your on CanCon, can you vote in our elections from Florida?

I vote multiple times.

We've figured out how to do that down here in Florida. <cough> Diebold <cough>
One of the side-effects that irked me was Jack Layton commenting on the Liberal-Green coalition of sorts....called the agreement made contrary to open and fair democracy...meanwhile Jack the Inept....was the guy who supported the Liberals when that was convenient a few months ago....kept the Libs in when they should have been kicked out...
Jack Layton should bottle his ineptitude and hypocrisy...I'm sure there's a market for it ...perhaps south of the 49th????
I think Jack Layton realizes the Libs. are screwed and its going to be a Conservative win next election (with big minority or small majority), and he wants to align himself with the Cons for now.
Like Mackay and Day....Layton couldn't find his **** with both hands and a road map...
NDP....nauseating disapointing politicians....
Do not get me wrong, I dislike the NDP.. they are even worse then the Libs.

But the NDP is not a big threat... just a $hit disturber in elections, and they disturb the left not the right. Same with the greens.

Green & NDP just take away from the Liberals. And I don't think we will get NDP voters this year voting Liberal strategically... most people now Dion is a sinking ship.
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