Peregrin Falcons Flight to Canada

Yesterdays Edmonton Journal had an article about Falcons that left Alberta nesting grounds for warmer winter climates. They were banded with GPS tracking tags and could be traced to South America. They are now on their way North and should by now I beleive, just crossed the Mexican/USA border. Story is available on the Edmonton Journal web site (have to hit it right though, as they are rebuilding) At the U of A site there are several articles about the Falcon project.

Had to chuckle because the Females went to Columbia, while one of the males from the Red Deer nesting site, went to Balize, managed to ditch his GPS tracking ability. He was spotted by holidayers from Alberta however. He was soliciting the favours of a female he came accross. Just another Beach bum looking for a good time! LOL

My what stout little hearts birds have! (external - login to view) then "Search" Falcons
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I accidentally walked very close to the nest of a pair of breeding peregrines in north east scotland once. they were diving and screaming at me. I got back to my campsite and told some of the locals about it and they said that they knew there was a nest there but they weren't making it common knowledge. I'm proud to have seen one of the very few peregrines in the UK (just over 1000)

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