South Park depicts the Queen's suicide after plot to conquer US fails

Do Americans suffer from some sort of inferiority complex?

South Park depicts the Queen's suicide after plot to conquer US fails

29th March 2007

South Park, the cartoon series that has pushed the bounds of taste for a decade, has perhaps produced its most spectacularly offensive episode yet.

Certainly Her Majesty is unlikely to be amused by a programme that shows her blowing her brains out.

The scene begins with a clearly alarmed Queen receiving a call on her mobile telling her that an "evil" British plot to conquer America has gone awry.

Her Majesty is unlikely to be amused by South Park showing her blowing her brains out

She then reaches for a handgun, places it in her mouth and shoots herself. She can be seen tumbling from her throne and in the final image her bloody corpse is depicted lying prostrate on the palace floor.

The episode, broadcast last night in the US, also featured presidential contender Hillary Clinton in a parody of "24", the thriller that takes place over the course of a day and which typically involves a terrorist threat of epic proportions.

In the course of last night's show - as well as having the Queen commit suicide - a group of Russian mercenariesworking for the British install a nuclear device in Mrs Clinton's more intimate areas. The plot is foiled.

South Park, about the lives of four schoolboys in a town of the same name in Colorado, has courted controversy since it first aired in 1997, attracting a large cult following in the process.

Its creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone describe themselves as "equal opportunity offender
s" and it is certainly the case that a broad spectrum of society has felt its wrath at one stage or another.

Most recently it attracted adverse headlines for an episode in October in which it mocked Steve Irwin, the Australian crocodile hunter, just weeks after his death. In it he makes an appearance at Satan's fancy dress party, shown with the stingray barb that killed him still in his chest.

The latest programme will merely fuel South Park's legendary status among its avid followers. For the first five seasons, one of the main characters, Kenny, is killed in a variety of grotesque ways, and always to the exclamation "Oh my God, they killed Kenny."

By season six, Parker and Stone had replaced Kenny with a new character because they were struggling to find new ways to finish Kenny off and were feeling "creatively boxed in". It appears the Queen has provided them with a new creative outlet.
I'm sure they will blame Canada.
I think not
And since she's not a Mormon, she goes to hell.
Honestly...the whole idea of the show is for shock talking about it or being "shocked " by it just fulfilled it's purpose. You may think the've goon too far because it hits close to home for you with the Queen, but it's really just more of the same.

Personally, South Park and Family guy are just for shock, and honestly I just find them boring. looking for shock value..since they have no other value.
tally up all the times they've made fun of their gov, versus the number of times they've made fun of the queen, and you'll find the 'inferiority complex' comment makes no real sense.

They have no sacred cows... everyone is fair game. They are equal opportunity shock artists.
The "snuke" plot didn't work.
I hate South Park for the simple fact that they often make Cartman out to be the voice of reason....I have heard far too many kids emulating this character's words/actions/biases.

It was an entertaining show at first, but I have little use for it now.
Love the show. Anyone who lets their young kids watch it is an idiot, it's not meant for them.
I like SouthPark. Can take or leave Family Guy.
South Park is the best animated show out there.

Throws FOX's animations to the curb.

Watched the show since I was a teen.

Great show.
I like it too. My wife finds it utterly revolting and won't stay in the same room when it's on. She's oversensitive i think.
Its so funny though.

I mean, they take equal shots at everyone!

I loved the latest episode.

BTW, in Canada, the Comedy Network airs South Park and their are 1 season behind, so you need to find other options to watch this episode, as this recent episode cannot be found on canadian tv.

Google is your friend
I download all my tv, so i'm always a bit behind. Doesnt matter.
yep me too, communist Canadian specialty channels do not hold me hostage.
it's not that, I just can't be bothered to buy a TV and set it up when i'm always looking at the computer anyway
You know at SuperStore you can buy a nice big Citizen tube tv for $200 and get basic cable for $30?
and i can get my computer for nothing because I already have it, and I can download for nothing too :0)

why pay more? Anyway with a baby on the way I can't justify extra luxuries
or you could put an attena on your tv and pick up:

CBC Edmonton
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and get some programming.

And Shaw has bandwith caps, or are you on Telus Internet?
shaw, but they seem to be ignoring the caps. I've downloaded about 60Gb a month for 3 months now. If and when they notice i'll upgrade or slow down

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