It's official: The French DO smell

Now French are pooh la la

FINALLY it’s official. The French DO smell.

After generations of jibes about hygiene over the Channel, a study yesterday revealed nine out of ten French people do NOT wash regularly.

That means that out of a population of 60.5million, more than 54million risk being whiffy.

Shockingly, 2.5million NEVER shower or bath while 1.8million NEVER brush their teeth.

The French do spend between 48 and 56 minutes in the bathroom each day — but much of that is applying cosmetics.

Nine out of ten French women and half of the men regularly apply perfume and cosmetics.

A third spend time in the bathroom reading, while a quarter daydream, 14 per cent make phone calls, eight per cent sing, six per cent smoke and one per cent eat.

The findings were published by a respected Paris-based weekly magazine. Their statistical supplement was entitled: “24 hours in France — An Unusual Portrait of France and the French.”

But last night former French leisure boss Pierre-Yves Gerbeau, once in charge of the Millennium Dome, fumed: “This is ridiculous, bloody annoying and unhelpful.”

The 39-year-old went on: “This idea of the ‘Frog’ who doesn’t wash, has a baguette on his head and a string of onions around his neck is passe.

“It’s about as real as the idea of the Englishman in his pinstripe suit and bowler hat.”

The French national statistics also revealed that on average around 2,000 French citizens go on strike each day, while 2.4million French people take prescription drugs. . . . (external - login to view)
And the British have bad teeth.

Who cares.
Those are some amazing statistics.

I can't imagine any frenchmen smells worse then the multicultural aromas I am exposed to daily on the TTC though.
So nothing has changed since the 1600's............
Garlic rocks. Beats yorkshire puddin.
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Garlic rocks. Beats yorkshire puddin.

Yorkshire pudding is good with garlic roast beef.

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