Gadget ... Bond Daniel Craig

Spies get Royal Glare Force

March 24, 2007

BRITISH spies have invented a gadget that can read the computer glare on a terrorist’s face — from more than half a mile.

Her Majesty’s secret service can use the Bond-style camera to take a photo of a suspect’s face as they work at a keyboard.

Image detectors then scan the picture and words reflected from the PC screen on to a person’s cheeks, eyes and forehead can all be deciphered.

A security source said yesterday: “It’s incredible what this device can do.

“We can take a picture of someone at a window from across the road and read what they are writing or emailing.The target has no idea.”

The gadget is believed to magnify and hone the reflection.

Military spies have been testing it for six months and hope to soon be able to place it in hidden cameras.

The Ministry of Defence refused to comment last night.