$1.5B for anti-gridlock plan

March 06, 2007
Robert Benzie
Queen's Park Bureau Chief

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has unveiled a Greater Toronto Area anti-gridlock green strategy worth up to $1.53 billion.
In an election campaign style event, Harper announced this morning in Downsview that his government will spend up to $962 million for public transit projects.
This includes extending the Spadina subway line through York University into Vaughan, developing Brampton's AcceleRide, a Mississauga rapid transit corridor, enhancing York's VIVA rapid transit, and funding to develop a Durham regional system.
It's all part of "FLOW," Ottawa's new long-term transportation plan, he said.
As well, Harper announced Ontario will receive $568.2 million in federal ecoTrust funds to support provincial projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
"It's about cutting the commute, improving the economy and cleaning the air," the Prime Minister said.
Premier Dalton McGuinty, who was delighted Ottawa is partnering with Queen's Park on the projects, said it's "good news" for the province.
"Working together, Ontarians are building growth that's green – and growth that lasts," said McGuinty.


......and the hypocrisy award goes to......cons, in particular the ones that were part of the Mike (let's destroy Toronto) Harris government.

These guys make me laugh......
Interesting but if it were the libs granting 1.5B right now it would have the same purpose. Electioneering. I spit on them all.
One could think that but in this case I don't. The Libs don't have to do this sort of thing to get votes in Ontario and they never really have.

The cons are attempting to pass themselves off as a feel good liberal party with money for everyone that wants it to get what the desire......a majority.

I never really bought into that hidden agenda crap but you never know and considering their big thrust to the left one wonders about the purpose especially when they all seem the be abandoning their previous ideology.

Members of the former Tory government in Ontario such as Flarhety and Baird were part of the destruction of Toronto.....they actually paid 80 million dollars to have the partially dug Eglington subway line filled in after it had cost 130 million to dig and now they want to pump money into transit for new subway lines?

What gives?
You make a good point Avro. It's hard to tell what their motives are beyond the obvious coveted majority. Maybe we will be lucky and find Harpo is actually nice, but i'm a doubting Thomas so I'll wait and see. I just think a politician is a politician.

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