Boxer Chris Eubank arrested over Prince Harry being sent to Iraq

Boxer Eubank arrested over Harry war protest

22nd February 2007

Prince Harry, who has always wanted to join the British Army since a very young age, is about to fight in Iraq. The brave royal said he would quit the army if he couldn't fight on the front line with Our Boys.

Former world champion boxer Chris Eubank has been arrested for staging a protest about Prince Harry being sent to fight in the Iraq war.

The flamboyant showman is alleged to have driven his truck up and down Whitehall in London, tooting the horn.

A banner on the back of the driver's cabin read: "Blair don't send our young prince to your catastrophic illegal war to make it look plausible".

Immaculately dressed Eubank comes face-to-face with a police officer by his beloved truck

Witnesses said the smartly-dressed heavyweight and former Celebrity Big Brother star got into an argument with police after being stopped.

He was arrested for breach of the peace and driving without due care and attention, according to police.

Immaculately dressed in a cream suit and silver tie, Eubank, 40, was seen talking to several police officers as he stood next to a large black truck with his name emblazoned on the side in London.

Moments before his arrest Eubank argues with officers, according to witnesses

He was then escorted to a police van and climbed in the back, before being driven away.

Scotland Yard confirmed a man had been arrested in Whitehall, London.

His alleged action comes hours after Prince Harry was reported to be "delighted" with the news that his regiment was being sent to Iraq.

A police spokesman said: "We have arrested a man in Whitehall for breach of the peace."

He was not able to give details of the alleged offence but added the man was now being held at a central London police station, believed to be Charing Cross.

Eubank's lawyer,Mel Goldberg,of the London firm Max Bitel Greene, said he had heard the reports of his client's arrest but had not yet been contacted by him.

Mr Goldberg said: "I have heard about it but I do not have any details about it.

"I haven't spoken to him and I cannot confirm anything at the moment."

Footage of the former world champion boxer's arrest was shown on BBC News 24.

The arrest is not the ex-world super-middleweight champion's first brush with the law.

He was found guilty of illegally driving off in a beer lorry without the owner's consent in September 2005.

The court cleared him of the more serious offence of aggravated vehicle taking and he was given an absolute discharge, but ordered to pay 450 in costs and 90 for outstanding penalty fines.

Eubank, of Upper Drive, Hove, had told Brighton magistrates the lorry blocked his way when he took his children to school.

Several drivers were beeping their horns in frustration at the 35ft vehicle, which was being unloaded in central Brighton.

Eubank had asked the draymen to move the Volvo articulated lorry but when they failed to do so, he climbed into the cab himself.

The former boxer, who has an HGV licence, then drove the truck 150 yards down before parking up, getting back into his black Hummer and taking his three children to school.

He returned to the scene soon afterwards and was arrested.
Prince Harry in the hell zone

Courageous ... the prince will serve in lawless area where 23 Brits have died. The above graphic shows the number of troops each Coalition member has in Iraq and where they are situtated. Despite the possibility that he may one day become King Henry IX, he will be laying his life on the line for less than the national minimum wage.



Defence Editor

FEBRUARY 23, 2007

PRINCE Harry’s tour of duty in Iraq will take him to a hell zone branded “Mad Max land”, The Sun can reveal.

Harry, 22, is destined for Maysan Province — the most dangerous posting in the UK-controlled south.

Its lawless tribesmen are said to operate like the ultra-violent gangs of Mel Gibson’s cult 1979 movie.

A total of 23 British servicemen have been killed in Maysan in the past 3 years. In the town of Majar al-Kabir, six Red Caps were butchered in cold blood by a seething mob in June 2003.

A year later in provincial capital Al Amarah, Warrior driver Private Johnson Beharry earned the first Victoria Cross in 22 years when he saved his platoon of 30 by charging down an ambush.

Brit soldiers in Maysan have had to fight running battles for months against Iranian-backed Shia Muslim extremists loyal to rogue cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

Cornet Wales — as Harry is known — will lead a troop of 11 men from his Household Cavalry Regiment patrolling the badlands hotspot in Scimitar armoured vehicles.

From tank boy to real McCoy ... Harry aged eight, left, now, centre, and in 1993, right

A senior military source said last night: “Harry’s certainly jumping in at the deep end with Maysan. It’s well and truly Mad Max land. It’s like the land the world forgot up there.

“There’s a popular story about two of its tribes duelling over the ownership of a cow.

They went home to get their heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons and by the end of the day, ten were dead and 40 wounded. It sums the place up.

“It might be quite exciting if it’s your first operational tour.

But most blokes groan when they hear that’s their posting. Good luck to him.”

Only a week ago 30 troops cheated death in Maysan when their Hercules plane was blown up on landing by a suspected hidden bomb.

The province — the size of Northern Ireland — is the most savage and poorest of Iraq’s 18 provinces. It is also the hottest in the UK zone, hitting a blistering 60C in summer.

Route 6, which links Baghdad with British-run Basra, is a major terrorist smuggling highway running through Maysan. It is frequently booby-trapped with roadside bombs in a bid to kill passing British patrols.

The Sun knows exactly what task lies ahead for Harry and his men. But the MoD has asked us not to report it for fear it will help the enemy.

Despite the hardship he faces on the six-month tour, the prince is said by pals to be “over the moon” at being sent.

One source at the Windsor-based Household Cavalry Regiment said: “It’s a good day for us. It’s being seen as the HCR are going to war with Harry but really it should be the other way round. He’s coming with us because his commanding officer picked him.”

On his 21st birthday Harry said: “There’s no way I’m going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my **** back home while my boys are out fighting for their country. That may sound patriotic but it’s true.”

He will also be risking his life for less than the minimum wage.

Even after his 2,240 tax-free bonus and military separation allowance of 6.02 a day are taken into account, he will earn just 9,918 while away. That works out at a mere 54.49-per-day — or 2.27 an hour.

Harry, a 2nd lieutenant, completed a course last month which prepares soldiers for Iraq.

The stint taught the prince cultural awareness, patrol techniques, mines know-how, crowd control and very basic Arabic.

Before that he had 4 months’ armoured reconnaissance training at Bovingdon Camp, Dorset.

His deployment was announced yesterday after Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt made a final decision. Clarence House said the prince would carry out “a normal troop commander’s role”.

Tony Blair praised Harry last night, saying: “He’s a very brave young man, and he’s a very determined young man who wants to be part of his regiment and part of the Army.

That shows a very special character.”

Harry’s uncle Prince Andrew was also 22 when he joined the Falklands War in 1982.

Following in Royal footsteps

Predecessors ... from top, Richard III, King Henry V and the Duke of Cumberland

THE Prince Harry of his day was the Duke Of Cumberland — who was injured on the battlefield.

Like Harry, he joined the Army after a gap year abroad.

King Henry V was also known as wild Prince Harry is his youth. He led his men to victory against the French.

King George II was the last reigning monarch to lead his men in battle - also defeating the French.

But Richard III was the last English King to die on the battlefield. That came after he was defeated during the Wars of the Roses.

[[Richard the Turd as many still know him as]]
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