Oil sands exec. says Kyoto targets won't hurt industry

Gordon Lambert, Senior Vice President for sustainable development at Suncor, one of Canada's largest oil producers, told a House of Commons committee yesterday that Kyoto targets will not affect their business.
Lambert stated: "We don't predict job losses or impact on the economy (because) of meeting Kyoto. We're focussed on what we can do as a company about the problem."
In the same committee meeting, the Calgary-based Pembina Institute tabled a report (external - login to view) showing that bringing the oilsands into compliance with Kyoto would only cost $1 per barrel of oil produced.

www.desmogblog.com/oil-sands-...-hurt-industry (external - login to view)
Alberta today is hysterical, any kind of tax on "their" resource is a tax grab and akin to theft. Everyone has to make a contribution to reducing GHGs and if you make more emissions you have to pay more. User pay, sound familiar?

Alberta has the fed gov't convinced any form of a carbon tax is inherently unfair. Not anymore. Either Alberta gets off the pot and sees reality or it will be imposed on them. Usually the former is cheaper and better.

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