Pastor with 666 tattoo claims to be divine

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666=6+6+6? 666=12? 6+6+6=12? Wow!! Someone wasn't paying attention in grade 1.

LOL Natives have a fascination for the number 4. Chinese have a fascination for the number 3, and 4 is really bad number. There are tons of "special" numbers out there. Personally I like the ones involving the lazy 8 because there's something neat about infinity, -infinity, and virtual nothing.

I guess I wasn't sorry I MIXED two different articles up. That's what happens when you try to read them as the same time.

Ok I will go back and find that article about 666.
L Gilbert
Not a biggie.
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Yust watch the pastor awhile, and you'll usually find that the church acts like the pastor. Sometimes I wonder if we just don't get one another's spirit instead of the Holy Spirit.


(William M. Branham)


What a complete and total bit of drivel and nonsense.
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As it is spoken, the sea beast, the land beast. The beast with 666 is really the vatican in rome, Italy. What is one jesuit? Well, it is written exactly about it in the word-grammer. This is people who takes any action to make themselves satisfayed. (Even kill) In Norway we unluckally get reed of one statement in the Constitution, that forbid Jesuits to enter our country, it was changed in 1956, "behind people of Norway's back". So now we have their havy money interest (debt) "hanging around our neck". Very expensive loans and so on.

The land beast is in fact already done, it is the community of all the churches in the world. This is located in the USA. Today this church demand all churches in the world, and speak with the same tongue as the vatican before.


666 is a Hebrew contraction in the style of writing of the time and was a code for the Emperor Nero.
I agree with you Sanctus, I will use the real words B>>>>Shyte.

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