Now heres a real Dion Attcak ad

Now here's a real Dion attack ad.... (external - login to view)

(Idont care for either party at this point I just thought this funny )

The Star published this satirical editorial criticizing the new Tory attacks ads for not being negative enough, for not manipulating the facts, for not putting words in Dion's mouth, and for being far too weak. The editorial looks to point the Tories in the right direction, so this advertisement was proposed instead. The editorial says the to Tories, "Help rebuild the distrust and cynicism that's gone missing from this country. Here, free of charge.."

"Stéphane Dion named his dog Kyoto. But he almost called it Greenhouse Gas. That's because Stéphane Dion hates the ozone layer. And he hates humans. He's looking forward to global warming. Because he loves ice cream. He usually gets Neapolitan. Because he can never decide on a flavour.

"Leaders don't hate humans. Leaders don't flip-flop on frozen dairy. Stéphane Dion is a disgrace."

Now that's what I call an attack ad
Seriously, I'm sick of political parties taking Canadians for an idiotic bunch of sheep. When will they start adressing our intelligence?

The tone of the commercials is just ridiculous. They're treating the nation like a kindergarden class.
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That's par for the course or maybe a new low.
unfortunately they treat the public like kindergarden kids..because it works!!! The general public act like 4 year olds... never caring for deep issues but rather the here and now, who looks better, who seems more "real" ...

No one cares about the 10 year cycle of anything, just what can you do for me right now!! As long as the optic's show we are not following the U.S. it doesn't matter what dirrection we take.. All parties are charging ahead with the enviroment , all knowing full well we can't mean the targets set ALL of them!! but it looks good...When the public is ready to sit down, read documents, listen to economist, study trends, then maybe we can have a serious election without alien kitten eaters or not up to leadership ads.
I actually thought "Ken Dryden is NOT a goalie" on the Mercer Report was pretty damn funny too. Sometimes humour is the best weapon after all
because the facts aren't presented in lay-mans terms and people cant see the relation to there very lives daily life ,that is why we are easily sidetracked and fear being used as a control method ,,if Canadians were told the truth and were able to believe in something ,it might be different ,I can only see withholding taxes and then forcing the government to make all monies in/ out accountable ,no politician is in this for the country ,not anymore ---the power is greed and pretending to relate is the same old snake oil --different bottle same label
Clearly, the Conservatives are afraid of the upcoming elections. They must sense the mood of the nation in being dissapointed in them and seeking a return to responsible government under the Liberals.
Yep, todays news cycle has some bit about how the Cons are "gearing up for an election" and the reason is recent polls which suggest that Harper has proven himself to be "the better leader"- it seems slmost as if the message is that somehow only people who have BEEN Prime Minister are suited to becoming one, since anyone who has never been PM obviously can't know how to do the job...

The fact that the Cons have NO real material for any sort of positive ads should be more telling than it seems to be for most folks... I mean, can't have an ad talking about reducing hospital wait times (remember them phoney-**** "5 points"?? that was one of 'em) and having to include the fact that while the "targetted procedures" have indeed enjoyed a reduction in wait times, it has been accomplished by smiply focussing on the "targetted procedures" while letting anything NOT on that list languish..

If the Cons tried to make any ad with any half-true "substance" in it, there'd be something to call them on, but since they KNOW they have nothing, they decided to campain on how dumb the other guys is, which, while being good in a knee-jerk emotional kind of way, is pathetic when held to any sort of inspection

Funny how folks will eat that crap up, sophism at its finest on display
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Clearly, the Conservatives are afraid of the upcoming elections. They must sense the mood of the nation in being dissapointed in them and seeking a return to responsible government under the Liberals.

a return to responsible government under the liberals??? You really think that??? I'm not cheering the conservatives here but hell responsible and liberal are a conflict in terms!!!

You may like the Liberal middle ground better then the right of center tory ground but to ever call the ridiculous behanour of the Liberal party of more then a generation responsible is right out to lunch!!

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