As a 13-year-old boy surrendered Tuesday on charges of assaulting a wrestling teammate by sticking a drumstick into his rectum, Nassau police said the boy insisted it was a prank that went too far.

Accompanied by his parents, the boy, a student at East Meadow's Woodland Middle School surrendered to detectives from Nassau's Juvenile Aid Bureau in Baldwin in connection with the Feb. 6 incident.

He was charged as a juvenile with second-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon, police said. The boy, whose name wasn't released because he is a juvenile, was described by peers as a prankster. He is scheduled to appear on the charges in Family Court in Westbury at a later day.

The alleged victim, also 13, was back at school Tuesday and seemed to be doing OK, schoolmates said.

Police said the victim had just finished taking a shower last Tuesday after wrestling practice and was reaching down to pull up his pants when his teammate attacked him from behind, "poking him with the tip of a drumstick," said Sgt. Anthony Repalone, a Nassau police spokesman.

"It was enough to cause him to feel substantial pain," Repalone said.

Police said the boy's alleged attacker maintained he didn't intend the assault to be sexual in nature, saying it was a joke that got out of control.

School officials were notified of the attack on Wednesday by students. The officials notified the victim's parents, who took their son to a doctor before contacting the police.

Before the attack, police said, the two boys were on good terms.

Calling the accusations serious, Repalone said the boy would have been charged with felonies had he been at least 16 years old.

No one at the school or the East Meadow School District would comment Tuesday.

The boy targeted in the locker-room attack last week drew support from some fellow students.

"He's holding up?" Steven Cukro, 14, an eighth-grader at the school, told a reporter. He said he knew both of the boys involved in the Feb. 6 assault. "Everyone has been pretty supportive."

Janet Barsky, president of the district's PTA Council, said school officials had given her little information, citing an ongoing police investigation. Barsky said she only received a few calls from concerned parents.

"Because it's a police matter, I haven't been told much," she said.

Cukro's mother, Margaret Cukro, said she couldn't believe she had to hear about the assault from news reports, not the school.

In the weeks to come, Cukro said, she hopes the students will resist teasing the boy.

"The only thing you can hope for is that the students are mature enough to support him," she said. "What happened to him is ugly and he needs all the support he can get."

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