Man jailed for dragging wife with car

Peter Small
Courts Bureau

A man who ran over and dragged his estranged wife under her own car while their two terrified children sat in the back has been sentenced to nearly 15 years in jail for what a judge called an act of "stark horror."

"I consider this as grave a case of attempted murder as one can imagine," Superior Court Justice Frances Kiteley said yesterday in handing down 14 3/4 years, less 28 months for pre-trial custody.

Before sentencing, the 37-year-old illegal immigrant, who cannot be named under a publication ban protecting the identity of his children, made a tearful apology while about 20 of his wife's family members watched.

"There is no excuse for what I did," he said, struggling to finish his written statement. "I was wrong and I must be punished."

The occasional cab driver said he hoped that some day his estranged wife and her family would forgive him.

He pleaded guilty on Dec. 14 to attempted murder and threatening the death of his sister-in-law.

Crown prosecutor Kim Motyl had argued for a 15- to 17-year sentence, calling the crime a planned act of extreme domestic violence.

Defence lawyer Jeff House argued for a 10-year sentence, suggesting it was less planned than spontaneous and that he did not realize he was dragging his wife under the car 25 metres.

On Friday, Oct. 28, 2005, the victim was driving her husband of eight years and her children, a girl then 7, and a boy then 4, to a grocery store, according to an agreed statement of facts.

They had been separated for three months but he was infuriated that she was seeing someone else, and told a roommate that he would kill her.

He directed his wife to pull into an industrial area on Milner Ave., near McCowan Rd. and Highway 401. They began to argue about her private life. He struck her in the face with such force that her blood spattered onto their children.

Their frightened son got his mother's cell phone from her purse. The daughter called their aunt, who could hear the hysterical mother and crying children. She also heard the husband demanding the PIN numbers to his wife's credit cards.

He told his daughter to turn off the phone or he would kill her. She dropped the phone but did not end the call, according to the agreed facts.

The wife got out of the car and tried to walk away, but her husband climbed into the driver's seat, put the car in gear, and hit her, making her fall. He then drove into her, trapping her in the car's undercarriage, and accelerated. The car dragged her by the hair for at least 25 metres.

He then drove off with the children, leaving her on the road. Two employees at a nearby business happened to see her and called 911. Pieces of her scalp and hair were nearby. Her right ear was some distance away.

She had broken ribs, a broken neck, broken pelvis, collapsed lung, lacerated liver and spleen, severe facial injuries, and severely burned and bruised legs.

She faces a lifetime of medical treatment and is so traumatized she cannot hug her children, the judge said.
The lowest form of life on this planet is a male who would do violence against a woman or a child.
Justice was done. He is going to have a long time to reflect.This is sad.
L Gilbert
I think sometimes punishment should be appropos to the crime.
Shoot the SOB.

Then deport him.

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