So, Where's the outrage?

Does everyone know the U.S. trained the troops who are currently stomping a mudhole in the Somali Islamists? Does that make it more popular now?

My that would skew the trend wouldn't it?
I hope you aren't holding your breath thomaska, and it's the French that are training the soldiers not the US. The very same training exercises that took place during the genocide in Rawanda, all those french Generals were busy busy during the slaughter. The French pulled their troops out of Afghanistan to train troops in Somalia, and the Sudanese army is being trained and armed by China. The irony is they bomb the crap out of Somalia and guess what the "Arab Islamic Militants" ran like rats from a sinking ship. No media outrage no screaming baby killers, pipeline layers. I suppose there is only so much hate and it's all directed at the states mores the pity really I'd like to see all the Super Powers held accountable for their actions not just the US. I dare to dream.

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