Massive earthquake hits Britain

Well, it may not be "massive" on international scales, but it was the biggest earthquake to have hit Britain in 2006....

Quake 'biggest in UK this year'

Press Association

Tuesday December 26, 2006

An earthquake that has shaken a Scots town is the biggest in the UK this year, according to experts.

Hundreds of people in the Dumfries area reported their houses shaking violently at around 10.45am on Tuesday morning.

Seismologists said the tremor, which lasted around 10 seconds, measured 3.5 on the Richter scale - the largest in the UK this year.

Bennett Simpson, a seismologist with the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh, said: "This was a significant earthquake. But we would expect one or two of this magnitude every year, however.

"We have taken a number of calls from people in the Dumfries area reporting windows rattling, houses shaking and hearing a large bang. It is the biggest in the UK so far this year."

He said Dumfries experienced an earthquake of magnitude 3 on the Richter scale in 2002.

Marie Brown, a receptionist at the Station Hotel in Dumfries, said: "I was sitting in the bar downstairs and all of a sudden I thought there was a convoy of trucks going past. But it didn't stop.

"The walls then started shaking and I became quite frightened. My fiance is a builder and he looked at me and said 'This isn't good', but then it stopped.

"I wasn't sure what it was, but you do hear of Scotland getting tremors or earthquakes so we thought that must have been what it was. It was a scary moment for us but everything seems to be OK."

A police spokesman from Dumfries said: "We felt it here and it lasted for about 10 seconds. We weren't sure what it was, then the phones started ringing and they haven't stopped. It was actually scary."

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Wow 3.5! I think some of my bowel movements would register higher than that. (external - login to view)

A 3.5 often is felt, rarely causes damage and occurs about 49 000 times a year.
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Dexter Sinister
Big deal. A 3.5 quake isn't much different from a heavy truck driving down the street in front of where you live. Rattles the china cabinet a bit, but nothing breaks.

And as Dalreg suggests... I'm sure I had at least a magnitude 3.5 bowel movement this morning, though it occurs only about 365 times a year, not 49,000 times, so you can't blame me for all of them.

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