Seattle Airport Merry Christmas Trees

Cartoon - Update of Seattle International Airport Christmas Tree Kerfuffle

I can't access David Horsey's great cartoon in the PI of the new Gate Bulletin Board for passengers at Sea-Tac Airport but here is what was printed on it in testament to the foolery that went on........

Christmas Tree Gate A
Hanukah Menorah Gate D17
Kwaanza Cloth Gate S4
Ramadan Rug Gate N22
Buddhist Gong Gate B8
Shinto Scroll Gate C14
Hindu Statue Gate A11
New Age Crystal Gate S9
Druid Stone Gate N13
Animist Mud Pile Gate D2
Agnostic Shrub Gate B15
Atheist Shot Glass Gate C24
Ensign Redshirt
What, no Festivus pole?
EnsignRedshirt thank you thank you....I knew there was one my brain would not release this morning...

I knew it wasn't offensive or anything but I just couldn't acccess in my muddled head...apparently David Horsey the cartoonist couldn't either - he could have had fun with that one...

Some How "Festivus Wand" comes to mind hahaha

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