Life for yob who fatally beat tot



A MAN who beat his lover’s 13-month-old child to death was jailed for life yesterday.

Andrew Lloyd, 23, swung Aaron Gilbert round by his feet — smashing his head into a wall.
Aaron — beaten so badly neighbours said he looked like the Elephant Man — died of head injuries.
Doctors found he had more than 50 injuries.
Lloyd, who admitted murder, wept at Swansea Crown Court and muttered “sorry”. He will serve at least 24 years.
Lloyd began beating Aaron soon after moving in with the tot’s mum Rebecca Lewis, 21. She was jailed for six years for familial homicide by failing to protect her son.
Lewis, of Townhill, Swansea, also received an extra two months for beating up a witness.
Good god, man.
Hopefully he gets anally raped every damn day he's in prison.

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