Investigation into deaths of 5 British prostitutes intensifies



News just in on the BBC NEWS 24 channel that another girl has been reported missing in the Suffolk area and there are fears that the Suffolk Ripper may have struck again. Police will be issuing a statement shortly. More news when it arrives.
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It was the British who invented DNA testing to capture criminals.

But it'll be hard to DNA test these victims as the killer removed their clothes before dumping them, either to keep them as trophies ar to reduce the chances of the cops finding his DNA.
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Stone ... bad taste

Sick joke by movie man Stone

December 14, 2006

HOLLYWOOD director Oliver Stone stunned the British Comedy Awards last night with a sick joke about the Ripper.

The Born On The Fourth Of July director told the audience: “I haven’t been here for years. Jack the Ripper’s back — it’s good to see nothing changes.”

The bad taste jibe was met by shocked silence from the gathered celebrities in London.

Typical loud-mouthed Yank.

Oliver Stone is a complete arsehole.

Everyone with a brain knows that.

Not typical at all.

Mum-to-be ... tragic Anneli


Baby is killer's 6th victim

December 16, 2006

ONE of the Suffolk Strangler’s victims was PREGNANT, The Sun can reveal.

Vice girl Anneli Alderton, 24, was around three months into her pregnancy, cops confirmed last night.

The news of a sixth life being claimed emerged as police said they had the killer in their sights — after narrowing the hunt to just a handful of men.

Police found out about Anneli’s condition following a post mortem. A police spokesman said last night: “We can confirm that Anneli Alderton was around three months pregnant. “The information was not made public as soon as we became aware because it was not deemed relevant.”

The post mortem also revealed that Anneli died from asphyxiation.

Her naked body was spotted in woodland at Nacton, to the south of Ipswich, by a passing motorist on Sunday.

Her family yesterday said they were stunned by news of the pregnancy. Mum Marie, 49, was said to have “howled with pain” when cops told her.

And Anneli’s grandmother Joan Molloy, 84, collapsed.

They believe the vice girl was planning on breaking the news to them in a few days.

A close family friend said: “We had no idea Anneli was pregnant, none at all.

“Words can’t describe how much more pain the news has caused.

“We thought what in the world can be worse than the murder.

“But this makes it much worse. Marie howled with pain when she heard.

“That bastard has now taken two lives from this family.”

COPS breathed a sigh of relief last night after a former Ipswich prostitute, feared to have become another victim, was found safe and well.

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