Media Madness - When Will It End?


December 9th, 2006
No Gun Ri - a Fantasy Fit for the Associated Press
By CottShop
Millions of Americans get their view of Iraq from reports done by what are supposed to be journalists, but rather turn out to be agendists. We’re seeing more and more name brand media getting caught in flat out lies and misrepresentation lately, and at the forefront is the ‘news agency’ known as the Associated Press.
ROBERT BATEMAN, writing for the New York Post, outlines how he confronted the Associated Press about the fact that a supposed war hero had given them key inside information regarding No Gun Ri- a scene of an alleged massacre committed by our troops in South Korea.
Robert describes how the AP printed a fantasy story by Edward Daily, who claimed to be a machine-gunner that was personally ordered to kill innocent civilians at close range in No Gun Ri.

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Wonder if and when the media are going to get back to delivering real events and facts to the public - or if they have bitten into the idea of the driving force for world power by their words alone.
Is this to suggest that the "Liberal Media" are behind the illegal invasion of Iraq, too, and that Iraq is now like Disneyland, but the MSM won't let us know "the truth"??
Just trying to figure out what yer aim is here, is all

My guess is you have no idea what the media is like in the U.S.

The article I posted is one of many complaints from both sides....

If you truly think there is no bias in the media in Canada or the U.S. or U.K. or or or..... well there is no conversation I guess.

Believe as you wish.
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In my opinion,

In the past, people didn't pay much attention to storytellers in the marketplace, whether in Medieval Europe or other places in the world.Anything we hear should be filtered by faith, discernment, and our experiences, including our knowledge of history. The responsibility of what we believe to be true is ours alone. If you want these deceivers to stop their lies,simple, boycott them and the corporations who sponsor them, demand quality and truth in all reports.

They are only relevant if we allow them to be.

Worthy thoughts - but we have to utilize communication however flawed in order to generate interest in current events.

There will always be bias....I like to generate interest in that.
In my opinion,

Bias is one thing, creating confusion is another.

I believe that we live in serious times and causing frustration and anger in the populace may provide leverage in some things, but ultimately, its not sustainable.............
The media spin what sells, stories that incite our emotions get a greater coverage. It's simple market analysys driven policy. They tell the masses what they want to hear. Be them left or right, they will follow the bouncing ball to the beat of their faved tones.

Boycotting rarely works, the seal hunt still happens. When we migrate away from having info spoon fed to us, the market may change, but as long as Nielsens keeps putting boxes in the home of Joe and Jane six pack, the markets will be swayed to there favour.
They say, "Rely on us and we will tell you all
Just sit back in your easy chair
And follow the bouncing ball"

Just a little Northboy poetry........

Are you advocating reading/hearing/listening to nothing? How would you know what is going on in the governments or other nations?

We have to sample all in order to decide what is digestible for our own - even the internet is skewed as you know and I prefer to read everything I find interesting and make up my mind later on.

There are a few sites however and media outlets I know beforehand what will be offered, so the topic would be of prime import to me - even then most "news" is skewed to suit the financial interests of
the operator/publisher/owner.
I am advocating ethics in all things.
That doesn't leave a place for stories or brain candy, but when you think you are receiving communications from journalists,you should be able to rely on the information. When you tune into a talk show for opinion, it should be made clear this is what you are absorbing..

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