Prince William vs Pressure of the Press

I know this isn't earth-shattering stuff but it reads better than Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears these days.... somehow I can't get quite over my "jaded" reaction to all this kerfuffle.... That tight little isle is paying the bills for all of this foppia

A Perfect Match
They're young, beautiful AND crazy in love – plus going on five years as a couple. So when will Prince William finally pop the question to girlfriend Kate Middleton?
Thursday Nov 30, 2006 12:00pm EST People Magazine

Will and Kate (on the town in London in September) "are a good team," a friend says.

It was like watching the trailer for a really, really big movie. The scene: St. Mary's Hospital in London on Sept. 20. The star: Prince William, handsome future King, gently cradling – and making goo-goo eyes at – a tiny infant swathed in a T-shirt that read, "Little Princess." The twist: it wasn't his baby – she was 3-week-old Sina Nuru – and Will was merely opening the refurbished Winnicott Baby Unit at the hospital where he was born 24 years ago. Still, it was captivating enough for someone to ask if it all made the prince "feel broody." That's when he put a screeching stop to the sappy stuff. "I don't know about that," he said. "Not yet."

Fine, don't mean to pressure you, guy – but, seriously, when? The top sport in England these days isn't football or polo, it's guessing when the prince will finally get engaged to his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton and start the countdown to what would be the wedding of the century. Now into their fifth year as an absurdly attractive couple, Will and Kate, 24, have lately seemed so snuggly – and Kate so seamlessly ingrained into Will's inner circle of friends and family – that the engagement gossip is getting as hot as a pot of Earl Grey.
Britain's Mail on Sunday even reported last week that Kate has been invited to the Queen's country retreat Sandringham to join the entire Windsor clan for Christmas Day lunch – an unprecedented honor for an unmarried partner of a royal and, if true, said one royal observer, tantamount to an engagement announcement (Buckingham Palace won't confirm the invitation). There is also the 10,000-sq.-ft. neo-Georgian mansion being built by the royal family on part of a 900-acre estate in a village in Herefordshire, which many believe is being readied for Will and Kate. "It's decision time," says Robert Jobson, author of a new book about the couple, William's Princess. "Will has said he doesn't want to get married until he is 28, but that is just a smoke screen. The pressure starts now."

Kate Middleton
So just how close is Will to popping the question? Those in the know at Buckingham Palace say no one is ordering Save the Date cards just yet and insist Kate isn't being formally groomed for the future. "There are no people advising her or preparing her for anything," says one palace insider. "She is going about her private life as a private individual." Friends of the couple say that Will, known for his stubborn streak, won't let anyone dictate a time frame – but also acknowledge an engagement is no longer a matter of if but rather when. "This is certainly not something they are going to rush into," says a family friend. "But their relationship is very strong."

The safe money says that Will – who finishes his training at Sandhurst military school this month – will not go ring-hunting until after he is through with his military duties, which could last as long as three years. After graduating, he will likely spend about a year in the Blues and Royals regiment in the Household Cavalry as a second lieutenant in the British Army, and then serve stints in the navy and air force as well. Those duties will keep him plenty busy without the extra commitments an engagement would bring. "If William married now, he would end up having to do a round of royal appearances as people would expect to see him and Kate," says Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine. "And William doesn't appear to want to do that yet."

But what about what his grandmum the Queen wants? Actually, waiting this long may have been her idea. Palace observers say that after the short courtships of Prince Charles and Diana and Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson both produced disastrous marriages, the Queen is happy with a sort of waiting period. "She wants young royals and their girlfriends to be together for five years," says Jobson. "She wants them to be sure the relationship is going to continue." Will's leisurely romance with Kate "is the opposite of Charles and Diana," says royals author Robert Lacey, "when the family pressure and common wisdom was that it had to be done quickly."

To be sure, the royal family is acting like the engagement is a mere formality, embracing Kate in a very public way. "The Queen's idea is to have these girlfriends in the fold as much as you can," says Seward. "She likes them to get used to the regimented life of a royal." It has helped that Kate has held up so well under the scrutiny that comes with dating a prince. "She seems completely at ease with the whole Palace machinery," says Seward. "They are clearly treating her with a great deal of respect."

So just how cozy is Kate with the prince? Their body language says it all. See how she strode confidently into the royal viewing box for the Cheltenham Gold Cup horse race in Gloucestershire this March. Notice how, as one spectator put it, when the prince "saw her he had a big smile on his face." Not Prince Will, mind you – he wasn't even there. We're talking about his dad, Prince Charles, whose cheery welcome of Kate had royal watchers abuzz. "He likes her very much," a family friend says. "I am sure he wouldn't be averse to having Kate around."
There are rumours that they will get engaged in the New Year.

In the future we'll have King William V and Queen Catherine as our two Monarchs.

When a man is married to a queen - such as the Duke of Edinburgh who is married to Queen Elizabeth II - he doesn't become King. But when a woman is married to a king then she becomes Queen.

Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton (born 9 January (external - login to view) 1982 (external - login to view)) is the girlfriend of Prince William of Wales (external - login to view), elder son of Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales (external - login to view) and second in line to the throne of the United Kingdom (external - login to view). Middleton was raised in Bucklebury (external - login to view), Berkshire (external - login to view), in the south of England (external - login to view), and attended the public school Marlborough College (external - login to view) (the same school William's cousin Princess Eugenie of York (external - login to view) attends), where she passed eleven GCSEs (external - login to view) and three A-level (external - login to view) exams. Like the Prince, Middleton was a student at the University of St Andrews (external - login to view) in Fife (external - login to view), Scotland (external - login to view). She graduated in 2005 (external - login to view) with an MA in the History of Art (external - login to view). She attained a 2:1 (Upper Second-Class (external - login to view)) Honours degree.

Middleton is the elder daughter of businessman Michael Middleton and his wife Carole, a former air hostess. Her parents own Party Pieces, a mail order (external - login to view) company that sells children's party paraphernalia. She has a younger sister, Philippa ("Pippa") and a younger brother, James. Shortly after Middleton graduated from St Andrews, in 2005, it was widely speculated in the British press that she would make use of her History of Art degree by working in one of London's many art galleries. Similarly, in early 2006, it was rumoured that Middleton intended to found her own mail order company, selling high-end children's clothes. After a key investor stepped down, however, she decided to hold off on this plan. In November of 2006, she accepted a position as an accessories buyer with the British clothing chain Jigsaw (external - login to view).

It sounds as if you feel she is going to make amends for some of the problems the Royal "Company" has had over the past decade or so....

I think it is too bad she did not take more business/corporate coursework at university so she could psyche out the values the Royals place on image and tradition - although they may be loosening their
corsets somewhat....because the old "virginity rule" seems to have been tucked away in favor of
"getting to know you" before marriage in more rational ways....

Whatever - I hope William can find happiness with yet another strong woman who dares to be herself, as did his unschooled mother - only this time Kate will know what to expect. William will make certain of it.
I also think it's good that even though she is likely to be a future Queen (Queen Consort to be more accurate as she is only Queen through marriage) she wasn't born Royal. She was born as one of us who just happened to meet William at St Andrews University.

It shows that just like anyone in the US and become President and anyone in Britain can become Prime Minister (as you can in a democracy) anyone in Britain can also become Monarch if they play their cards right and meet the right people.

Most foreigners assume that to be King or Queen you have to be born as a prince or princess. But that's not always the case. Princess Diana - who would have become Queen is she was still alive and was still married to Charles - was born a commoner and even the Queen's Mother, who was Queen herself from 1936 to 1952 (albeit only through marriage to George VI), was born a commoner.
Is the double date one step closer for William and Kate?

8th December 2006

William and Kate head home

Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton usually like to socialise with a group of young singletons.

But last night they were out for the evening with a married couple - William’s step-brother Tom Parker-Bowles and his wife, fashion journalist Sara Buys, who wed last year.

So could it be they were picking up a few tips on the joys of settling down to domestic life?

Not that there was anything staid about the surroundings. The doubledate took place at the Mahiki bar, described as a "chilled out and exotic mix of Polynesian and South Sea culture," which serves Pina Coladas made with fresh pineapples and a seafood platter - Neptune’s Bounty - served in a diver’s helmet.

Tom Parker Bowles: Prince William's step-brother

The couples spent several hours at the bar in Mayfair before heading home at 2am. William and Kate, 24, went to Mahiki shortly after hearing that he had failed to win Sandhurst’s prestigious Sword of Honour, awarded to the best cadet each year.

The 24-year-old prince had been shortlisted for the sword along with six rival "bladerunners." Had he won, the prince would have carried the sword before his grandmother the Queen, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, at next week’s passing out parade.

The honour will go to 24-year-old Junior Under Officer Angela Laycock, only the third female officer in Sandhurst’s history to receive the sword.

The parade will be followed by a ball to which the officer’s partners are invited and which Kate is likely to attend.

Meanwhile, the inquest into the death of William’s mother Diana is to be held in public following pressure from Harrods owner Mohamed Fayed.

Mr Fayed, the father of Diana’s lover Dodi who was also killed in the 1997 Paris car crash, had threatened legal action over the matter.

A spokesman for the Judicial Communications Office said Lady Butler-Sloss, who is overseeing the case, had been persuaded not to hold the preliminary hearings in private because of public interest in the case.

The spokesman added: "She decided to reconsider. She has discretion in the matter and was persuaded that the strong public interest in the cases justified the meeting being held in open court."

Matters to be decided at the hearings, which will be held on 8 and 9 January include whether a jury will sit on the inquest.
LOL - I wonder who Scary Harry is gonna settle down with....

I love that redhaired divil.....he's just enough spark to keep William down to earth!!!
I hope they wait till his military service is over. Another scandal/divorce would not be nice. Nothing wrong with a long courtship and taking time to make sure this is who you want to spend your life with. Lots of time for her to pump out an heir to an heir before she is 30. She seems like a nice girl and it would be a shame to see her get her heart broken. Being king would be cool but the pressure.............. At least a president or PM can fade into obscurity after as little as 4 years.
I think not
Quote: Originally Posted by BlackleafView Post

It shows that just like anyone in the US and become President and anyone in Britain can become Prime Minister (as you can in a democracy) anyone in Britain can also become Monarch if they play their cards right and meet the right people.

You mean except if you're catholic, right?

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