Making the Killer into the Victim

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Peter LaBarbera, president of the family values group Americans for Truth, says the trial of an accused killer in Chicago demonstrates the existence of a huge double standard in the way the media covers victims. "Some victims are Politically Correct; others are not," he says. In this case, the victim, a Catholic mother of four, is not politically correct. So she will not be portrayed sympathetically. Indeed, her killer, an admitted and active homosexual, may get the media's sympathetic ear.
LaBarbera notes that "The liberal media sensationalized the murder of homosexual Matthew Shepard, which was shamelessly exploited by 'gay' groups to promote national 'hate crimes' legislation. Meanwhile, when a deranged homosexual man murders a Chicago Catholic and mother of four, Mary Stachowicz, it goes largely uncovered. Shepard is a household name, but try asking a friend or co-worker if they've ever heard of Mary Stachowicz and you'll likely get a 'Mary who?' in response." He suggests doing a Google search comparing the two victims' names to see how many stories come up.
In Chicago to cover the trial on her alleged killer, LaBarbera reports, "The public defender for Mary's murderer, Nicholas Gutierrez, is arguing that Mary was the aggressor, saying she became enraged to the point of violence over his homosexual lifestyle."...

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How horrific, so now being Gay is an excuse to kill a person. Please this guy is a barbaric pig period and to victimize the victim is just another defense tactic to dehumanize the victim and it's a freaking shameful one at that. I hope he ends up in general population, he won't hear the bible being quote but he may wish he were when the cons are done with him. The media should be ashamed at how they twist a story for shock factor, they don't give a damn about the harm they do to the victim's memory or the family members that have to read the tripe they print. A pox on the media.

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