Military to buy new shells costing $150,000 each

CTV News
The Canadian Forces are investing in a new high-tech shell to be used in Afghanistan. But at $150,000 per round, it could be the most expensive ammunition ever fired by the military.


According to Raytheon's pamphlet on the Excalibur, the "CPS-guided projectile provides accurate, first round fire-for-effect capability to all current and future 155-mm howitzers."
The shell uses software to direct it within 10-metres of its intended target, even when fired from up to 40 kilometres away, apparently minimizing unintended casualties. Standard shells are usually accurate to within 50 metres.

If we are still likely to miss by 10 metres, are these shells worth the cost? I don't know tank warfare. Are these shells deadly acurate at a hundred yards?
They wont be used in tanks, as far as I know they willbe Artillery only. Inwhich case that is about as deadly accurate as you can get when playing with the big guns. 10 meters is much better than far...
They profiled these shells on a show on the Discovery channel. They could fire these shells off target by 45 degrees, and the shells would still come back to the target 20km down range. Pretty nifty.
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