Ontario man charged with assaulting child online

CTV News
An Ontario man accused of sexually abusing a preschool-aged girl as a horrified undercover officer watched online has been remanded in custody.

Please send him to an American prison in the general population..they know how to take care of those types
Crimes of that nature are about as vile as they get... they would do the same in general population in a Canadian prison as well, unfortunately he will be in protective custody for next few years I imagine.
When I read about cases like this one I become enraged, how can someone do this to their own child have these men a shread of conscience-I don't think so. He should be hanged by his nuts for five hours once a day for the rest of his life.
I get so angry when I hear this. And then I get even more angry because there is nothing I can do about my anger! That man should be beaten to a pulp. Then raped up the cornhole with a large baseball bat with sharp edges on it. People like that are so sick. They deserve to be wiped from the planet.
Truth is, Canadian law is so lax he'll be out again. I think this forum should have a thread that posts the names and locations of pedophiles, and up date it all the time.
GEEEEEZ Sassy Lassie, what about the rest of the time, l think definately 12 hours...with freezing cold sugar water dripped slooooooowy on him, and then at 2 hour intervals flys are released...


I really think these officers who dedicate their career to trying to catch these creeps need badges of honor...they truly are heroes. I understand they get post-traumatic stress disorder, and it is very very difficult to do but they do it because they know these creeps are out there.
I can't image hanging around internet chat forums for pedophiles, god it must be an awful task. Canadian laws pertaining to women and children are weak, the punishment meted out to offenders is a joke. Chances are this man will be placed under house arrest and his computer taken away. I cannot grasp why these men don't do at least 20 years for the first offense, some may say that is harsh but let me ask you will this child ever view the world as a safe place again? NO he/she innocense is gone and that can never be replaced that man killed something very precious in that child and for that he should do 20 years.

Northstar, don't forget to put some Tiger Balm on his *****-it will burn like acid but leave no scars for the bleeding heart club to point to and scream look at this man's suffering.
tiger balm--urekkka...Thanks, the voice of experience, l'll send Stronache the memo....

You are right, Sassylassie, our laws are ridiculously slack, do you know that teachers, when they are involved in Poephilia charges are given their jobs back, they just get moved into the board's library???

Personally l know of a terrible situation that was discovered and the perpetrator was student teaching even while the investigation had supposedly started. It was only on intervention of the child's relatives that the teacher was not allowed to continue, with that board.

It is terrible that this isn't taken seriously enough and the sentences are as SL says "a joke". These are rapests and have murdered the innocence and wonder of a child. I think they need to hear a very loud message that it is not tolerated. Until that message is heard l believe this is just going to continue. People have to be afraid, really afraid of the consequences, and be made aware that their life as they have enjoyed it will be forever destroyed, just as they have destroyed the innocence of a defenseless child.
When ever the topic of Children being sexually abused comes up Northstar men run, how can we change laws when those in power won't speak or listen to what we have to say? I've been haranguing Male Politicians for years to make this a serious crime, but no ones will listen or discusses it but females. Again why? Are these children not important, is it because they don't vote or do the Male Politicians just not care?
The only man for the job is a WOMAN...

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