U.S. campaign ad critical of Canada yanked

CBC News
A campaign ad in a bitter Tennessee senate race that took a swipe at Canada has been pulled, though a Republican Party spokesperson said Wednesday the decision had nothing to do with the controversy it had generated on both sides of the border.

I've seen the ad. Kindergarten stuff. Why it should elicit any response here beyond a knowing smirk befuddles me. If we're going to get touchy about things in the world let's save it for things that really matter.
I've seen the Tennesee ad a couple of times in last evening news shows - Tennessee has some bitter crap going on ....

The reference to Canada was an ad which said and I don't know if that is the one the CBC is in a snit over...
Canada can take care of North Korea - they aren't very busy at the moment....

We get enough of that from you guys - we don't need to start up that insult talk down here - election or not.

I doubt it has been pulled, I saw it this morning at 4:00 am on the nooz....

Don't worry - the people in the U.S. are so stupid they don't know where Canada is ... remember???
Canadians don't have a whole lot to complain about on this... our politicians have done the same sort of thing to the US.
Well I gave feedback to the stupid gang in Tennessee (gotta love e-mail)....

I don't like this pulling in other countries in a national election. It's our dirty laundry. Keep it at home.
I am more disturbed with the attack job Rush Limbaugh did on Micael J Fox... saying he was "either off his medication or acting," in regards to his Parkinsons.

Agree agree!

Limbaugh was in trouble over his pain killers and I think he is in withdrawal from the number he was taking in past years now that he has been outed.

I notice a rabid change going on - he was never one to mince words - but he is mean spirited these days and I'll wager he is hurting and in pain much of the time.

Not making excuses but Limbaugh is a bright guy who didn't need to take on Fox - a grreat personality who has done nothing but good in his career when compared with some of the celebrities who take up useless space. Fox is a wonderful ambassador for the kind of man many families would love to have as their own.
I think the Limbaugh move was purely calculated- anything to make the US election about ANYTHING that isn't currently dragging the country under is better than what the Republicans have to run with right now- if somehow the basically unimportant-in-the-big-picture stuff is what folks are gonna get all charged up about, so much the better

They sure as HELL don't want folks to be weighing candidates based on their complicity in the Iraq war-crime, so the faith-based crap is a totally expected tactic, IMO

As for Canada taking care of North Korea- I think by not threatening them we are doing more than the US to make for a more stable solution there- maybe if we were to formally declare an end to the War it would also help, tho I'm not sure if Canada actually WAS at war with them, I know the US is still, while not too well known, Officially "at war" with that country and that is one of the things they'd like to see fixed... anyone know if Canada is, in fact, still at war with N.Korea??
Racism and Foolish Comments about allies....the repbulicans have been the same for the last 100 years plus....what would make this election any differant.

Its interesting how American Poltics, focus more on the person who is running, then the Policys the person is running for.
Well yeah, Canada really can't complain after the Liberals went nuts trying to catapult their way to the top of the polls by using anti-Americanism.

As for the ad itself, there are two things wrong with it:

1) Canada is doing quite a bit in Afghanistan, especially under Harper and a lot of Canadians have died. For this politician to show his willful ignorance is a real slap in the face to Canadians - especially the soldiers families who have died.

2) This 'free ride' that Americans go on about, it just ridiculous. Who is this great enemy that they are saving us from? They remind me of a two-bit racketeering outfit demanding money from the store owner for protection. Of course, if you don't pay, then they beat the **** out of you, and trash your store.
politics have alway been about perception not reality,

We spent years trashing the U.S. under the Liberals and can't take it when they trash back...we're like that whinny kid in the school yard who dishes it out until someone hits us..then we run to find a teacher.

The problem is timing. The "free ride" do nuth'n Canada is so last year.... We are now doing things but the U.S. is slow..so very slow to ever notice anything good....

The perception has been set in the U.S. mind, and it will take more then 8 months of friendly politics to rid that freeloading image from their collective minds.

Exactly - This sniping was going on for years before the U.S. started taking notice - because Canada upped the level of nasty rhetoric when Bush took office. It became something which could not go ignored or unnoticed when Parish and all that stuff began to happen. The bell cannot be unrung.

I knew Americans were going to retaliate and they have begun. There is very little complimentary being written or said about Canada now - except from those people who have already found Canada and like the nation and its people.

Those who have only been aware of Canadians in the past eight or nine years have other thoughts which are new to me. I have always been proud of the reasonably good relationship between the two nations. (Except on forums of course).
damn those forums!!!

I as well was very concerned with the Bush bashing....but moreso that it turned to U.S. bashing....I am no fan of Bush, hell there are more American's who are embarased by him then there are Canadians who exist!!

But it's a dangerous game to trash another nation for political gain..it only works for a while before either your people stop careing to here it or the other nation takes notice...

Well Canada you always wanted the U.S. to notice..they do now!!!

Not making excuses but Limbaugh is a bright guy????

Rush Limbaugh is a mean spirited jerk who knew about Fox's disability and attacked anyway, a real sensitive guy.
Unlike you Juan

I have to abandon all your witty repartee of this morning and get to work....

I don't hope to defend Limbaugh - he is exceedingly brilliant whether you agree or not - and for him to excoriate
Michael Fox was beneath him. He should know better as the Fox fanbase is huge and places him in a terrible

People you dislike are always stupid aren't they Juan?

I hope your tantrum leaves you soon. Tempers are not good for blood pressure.

[Edit] Fox has admitted he did not take his medication prior to testifying before Congress which is what Rush was alluding to. Here is the transcript of Rush's program.... or you can look up his website to get more details:
www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/dai...n_3.guest.html (external - login to view)

I have never known Rush to make fun of anyone's infirmities as he has them himself to the point of breaking the law because he overmedicated himself for pain.
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Quote: Originally Posted by ottawabillView Post

Well Canada you always wanted the U.S. to notice..they do now!!!

Great point.

I've always been a little amused by Canadians who complain that American's don't know what street Canada is on. Not being noticed by Americans is usually a good thing. They'd notice all the Canadians down here. They'd know all the Canadian money being invested down here. They'd notice the large trade surplus Canada runs with the US. Canada isn't much different than China, except that, well, we're Canada!
Here's the ad BTW

www.bencardin.com/multimedia/swf/video/mjfox.swf (external - login to view)
Quote: Originally Posted by ToroView Post

Here's the ad BTW

www.bencardin.com/multimedia/swf/video/mjfox.swf (external - login to view)

That's heart breaking, it's terrible to see him that way. I still remeber his shows and his movies.

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