In July 2005 Jacques Chirac sat down to dinner with his two stooges - Schroeder and Putin - when he started to say not very nice things about Britain. He famously said : "Only Finnish food is worse than British food in the world." But the said these words in front of many TV crews and journalists so his comments were then spread around the globe. Chirac was then punished for his comments - later that week the decision was made as two who would host the 2012 Olympics, with London, Paris and Madrid the three favourites. London beat Paris by 2 or 3 points in the Final - and there were 2 or 3 Finnish IOC members who voted......and they obviously didn't vote for Patis after Chirac's comments.

Now poor Chirac is having to suffer again. Now he has to eat Finnish food. Finland currently holds the rotating Presidency of the EU and each antion that holds the Presidency has to put on a big feast for Eu leader.

The Three Stooges - Chirac, Schroeder and Putin

Lahti, Finland - European leaders sat down for dinner here on Friday, affording host nation Finland an opportunity to impress guest of honour Russian President Vladimir Putin and correct a famous critic of its national cuisine.

In July of last year, French President Jacques Chirac was reported to have described Finnish food as one of the worst in Europe, saying it was only slightly better than that found in Britain.

The unguarded comments, though denied by Chirac's office, were an embarrassment for the French president and hurtful for Finns, who took to their airwaves to defend their national diet that includes plenty of fish and reindeer meat.

Journalists in the giant press centre in Lahti noted that two Finnish cookery books were offered at the media information desk, inviting suggestions that the country was looking to repair its tarnished reputation.

The menu for Putin and his hosts includes a starter of Lavaret tartar with grilled fennel, followed by artichoke soup and then a rosemary roasted goose supreme with rowanberry sauce.

For dessert, the gastronome Chirac and his EU counterparts will be treated to a chocolate and sea buckthorn berry mousse.

For the wines, Am Sand Gewrztraminer 2002, Corullon 2003, and Gruener Veltliner Eiswein 2005 will be on offer.

Earlier Friday, the leaders wet their lips with a toast of champagne to EU newcomers Bulgaria and Romania which are to join the European Union on January 1 next year.

The comments by Chirac about Finnish food were reported in July last year by the French newspaper Liberation which said Chirac had been joking with then German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Putin about Britain.

"After Finland, it is the country with the worst food," he said on the sidelines of a summit, Liberation reported, heaping shame and ignominy on the Scandinavian nation. - Sapa-AFP

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