B.C. doctors consider separating conjoined twins

CTV News
After 33 weeks of hearing two tiny heartbeats, Felicia Simms is about to deliver conjoined twins. But she will then have to decide with doctors if her daughters -- joined at the head -- can be separated.

Felicia, I hope you get a chance to read this.
I have been watching your story for months and have anticipated the birth of your BEAUTIFUL daughters.
I feel drawn to you and those beautiful babies. I was almost bawling with happiness when I saw those little angels be born. They are such beautiful, precious little girls. I very proud of you not only for what you have endured but also for your strong attitude through it all. I think you are an amazing woman, an inspiration to all mothers. I myself am 21 and have 2 children. If I were going through that, I dunno exactly how I would feel, you always seemed so calmed and humbled.
I can only wonder how different it would be to care for them, you'll adapt so well though, I know that because all mothers would. You'll know exactly how to hold them, feed them, bathe them.
I love how when one starts crying the other does and when one calms down the other does, it was facinating to watch the scene where baby on the right (Kristy?) started crying and then (Tatiana?) started about 2 seconds after and their crying was 2 seconds apart, then (Kristy?) had that little face and that sound in the cry where she wasn't sure if she going to calm down or go for another wail, then (Tati?) calmed down so (Kristy) didn't have that next cry. I thought, "that can have it's advantages, and disadvantages". Oh man, they are SOOOO PRECIOUS.
I feel bad though that you guys will have the media around you all the time, those little girls were born-celebs, that may be very hard for them.
I personally think that seperation may not be the best, they've already adapted to the way they are and will continue to do so.
In the months to come before the testing can be done they will learn how to move ect. being conjoined.
I think they were meant to be like that, I also think they are way too precious to confront the risks from the surgery.
Forgive me, you are mommy, you will make the best decision.
For some reason I felt really drawn to you and almost yearned to be right there with you and those girls, lucky nurses and doctors, lucky you and your family!
I wish you all the very best life can offer,
I look forward to seeing what the future holds.
Yours Truly, Jen
mammajen21@hotmail.com (external - login to view)
Those two babies are precious. It is so sad they have come to this world under those conditions. My heart goes out to them and the parents.

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