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Oh man this is insulting to the good people from down under residing in the U.S. and Canada....

Sunday, October 22. 2006

THE US has banned Vegemite, even to the point of searching Aussies for jars of the spread as they enter the country.The bizarre condiment crackdown was prompted because Vegemite has been deemed illegal under US food laws.

The great Aussie icon -- faithfully carried around the world by travellers from Down Under -- contains folate, which under a technicality, the US allows only to be added to breads and cereals.

Australian expatriates in the US said enforcement of the ban had been gradually stepped up and was now ruining lifelong Vegemite on toast breakfast traditions.

Comment from Kerry - Most Americans dont realize that Vegemite is now owned by an American company.

Former Geelong man Daniel Fogarty, who now lives in Calgary, said he was stunned when searched for Vegemite while crossing the US border on a trip to Montana recently.

"The border guard searched our car and asked us if we were carrying any Vegemite," Mr Fogarty said.

"I was flabbergasted.

"The official said Vegemite wasn't permitted in the US."

Paul Watkins, who owns a store called About Australia in San Antonio, Texas, said he had been forced to stop importing Vegemite six months ago.

"We have completely stopped bringing it in, which has been hard," he said.

Mr Watkins said some companies were flouting the law by continuing to import Vegemite and hoping the shipments would not be inspected.
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The Australian papers have pulled the announcement but this blogger still had it.... wonder what is being "done" about Marmite lololol. Have some Fruit Loops mates?