Queen needs computer wiz to help work the royal iPod

Queen needs computer wiz to help work the royal iPod

18th October 2006

The Queen is personifying a nation that is old yet is technologically advanced. Elizabeth II - who is aged 80 - was given an iPod by her son Prince Andrew and she is now looking for someone to help to show her how to use it.(her right eye is red as she is suffering from a burst blood vessel)

The Queen is looking for someone to help load her iPod. Her Majesty has advertised for the newly created job of Director of Information Technology at Buckingham Palace.

The 80,000 a year post will be in charge of all computers at her four homes and setting up a wireless network.

The Queen's personal website, which was launched in 1997, receives over a million individual 'hits' a year.

The 80-year-old monarch last year was given a silver Apple iPod by her second son Andrew. But the Queen has admitted she is sometimes baffled by the 21st Century gadgetry she has to deal with, including dowloading.

She told the world's richest man Microsoft founder Bill Gates that it did not come "naturally" to her.

Yesterday a Buckingham Palace spokesman said: "This is an important new role and reflects the importance we put on good communications and keeping up-to-date with technology.

"We have had lower level specialists, now we feel there is a need for such a senior post within the Palace."

The Director of IT and Telecommunications post will be among the most high ranking within the Palace which is normally noted for its low levels of pay.

The job advert, which was placed online, said: "An effective Information and Communications strategy underpins the work of the Royal Household, and developing and implementing change programmes to merge and enhance ICT will be at the heart of this exciting and challenging new role."

Applicants would: "lead a team of IT and Telecoms specialists providing a service to the 900 plus users, who have a wide variety of needs and are located at sites throughout the UK, in addition to implementing wider technology initiatives."

And their background would be: "In a services environment utilising desktop networked systems, mobile and networked telephony and web-based communications."

Last year it was revealed that the Queen had been given a six gigabyte silver iPod Mini. It already came with downloads on it, but has since been topped up with more tunes. She has adapted to new technology slowly - Prince Andrew bought her a mobile in 2001.

But while she sometimes uses a laptop computer, she is known to prefer to read Government papers and briefing documents in the 'original.' She told Microsoft head Bill Gates during his investiture last year that she was sometimes a little baffled by new technology.

He said after the "knighthood" ceremony - (Americans can't get real knighthoods- only the British and Commonwealth citizens can) - "We talked about using computers, and the foundation, and about her travels and ours.

"She said all the kids do (use computers) and they are very useful...but typing is not as natural for her as it is for young people.

"It's not as natural (using computers) for the Queen as it is for young people." The Duke of Edinburgh by contrast is an enthusiastic early adopter of technology.

Readers' comments

People - both British and American - support the Queen

I'd sooner pay a few bob a year to keep HRH than all the tax I pay to keep B'liar and his lot.

- Freddie, Northamptonshire

So, D James [[another of the Daily Mail readers]], you don't want to pay your 62 pence to support this "anachranistic royal family". Well, how about refusing then to accept all of the economic benefits that are possible because of tourism and the number of jobs created because of the Royal Family. I'm an American and have far more respect for the efforts of the Queen than I do for the political mess in both our countries. If you don't want the Queen, the Americans would love to have her! Her dignity and dedication to duty and personal responsibility are an example for all of us - including you.

- Sandi, Edinburgh, UK

Short sighted Bob, the Queen generates far more money for this country through tourism than she costs the tax-payer. I don't see how anyone could find fault with that.

- Tony, West Yorkshire, UK

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Humph........Royal IPOD - sounds like a good name for Prince Philip!

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