Calgary infant dies after drinking methadone

CTV News
Months after an infant girl died from drinking methadone, her parents are set to enter a legal battle over how she could have accessed the drug.

methadone ~ I never knew you could od from methadone use.

How she could have accessed the methadone...

"Clients can only take the methadone home with them after they pass a three-month screening process. And even then, the drug must be kept in a locked box."

he spit it in a cup that the kid got.. if that is the case then obviously the parent is at fault.

the swing on this is obviously that only the clinic should administer "the dangerous drug"

the thing is though many household cleaners arn't safe for injestion or marked "poisonous"

obviously the stuff they are taking home smells to good ect.

It could happen to anyone
` putting the center of abuse on recovering drug addicts or not doesn't have to do with the real issue.
not all recovering drug addicts are irresponsible.

- other solutions may be too complicated for individuals recovering from drug use.

it is an isolated inccident.
If it happened on a regular basis understood that "stricter measures" need be taken but why risk a methadone clinic participation by making the process difficult.

it could happen with any lethal drug. However it is somewhat "scarry" that the dose he had in a coffee cup would kill a child 1/3rd his size.

of course this may be going to Norplant style moriphine.


methadone isn't suppose to be leathal... (as I thought it was suppose to remove the risk of more dangerous heronine use)

I find the intro line sorta funny since people can see the issue clearly like this without dancing around the issue.

A former drug user was part of a methadone clinic program.
After the three month monitored use period he was allowed to take home an ammount of methadone for more conveient use outside the clinic.
As stated his methadone was kept in a container that his child got access to.
His storage of the methadone violated regulation on storing the methadone.
The child died as a result.
The coroner (or person stating the reason of death) falsely stated it as Infant suddent death.

other instances of children dieing or being harmed from access to other methadone prescriptions are?
Methadone is lethal at high doses. We routinely give it to infants to treat withdrawal from narcotics (both when the mother was using legal or illegal drugs or when a baby was treated with narcotics for some time in the hospital and needs to be weaned off them). An adult dose of many medications can easily kill a baby because of their size and the fact that their bodies don't process drugs in the same way as adults.

The real question here is WHY would this man spit out his methadone?

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