Tabloid swoons over "luscious" Kate (H.R.H.)

Kate Middleton. The future Queen?

There are photos of her on holiday in Ibiza on the front page of today's Daily Star newspaper.

Tabloid Swoons Over "Luscious" Kate (H.R.H.)

Written by Joanne Leyland

Sunday, 03 September 2006

She's known as 'Babykins' to boyfriend Prince William, but now a Sunday tabloid newspaper in Britain has given Kate Middleton a new title of 'H.R.H'...but it doesn't quite stand for that which we'd expect.

Over a decade since Diana made the front pages in what was dubbed her 'Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Bikini' during a holiday in Spain, the downmarket Daily Star (think National Enquirer) has exchanged the soap stars and page 3 models such as Jordan for Berkshire-born Kate as their main attraction in this weekend's edition.

The images show Kate enjoying another day aboard the luxury cruiser hired by Prince William for the couple's holiday with friends off the Spanish island of Ibiza.

William may (or may not) be delighted to know his girlfriend referred to as "luscious" by the Star's male reporter has taken over the page famously inhabited by topless models.

As with much of the media, the Star is clearly approving of Kate, quoting an onlooker as saying: "It's easy to see why Wills is just nuts about Kate. Lots of tourists didn't know who she was but were staring at her anyway."

"She looked totally amazing in that bikini and even better when she'd just come out of the sea."

Several months ago there was much ire within Clarence House and Kate's family at the publication in the British media of a very innocent image of the former student appearing to be daydreaming as she stared out of a bus window on a journey in London.

Following the publication, William and Kate's father, Michael, reportedly got together to work out how they could protect the young woman they both love from the long lenses of the increasingly intrusive press. Whilst national newspaper Editors duly received 'warnings' with regard to how they should respect Miss Middleton's privacy, there was even talk of the young Prince fighting the all-powerful press with the help of the European Court of Human Rights, so determined was he to help protect the privacy of the woman many believe is destined to become his wife.

We can only imagine what those close to her think of the coverage (albeit flattering) coming out of Ibiza, and the way in which Kate's being lauded and promoted by the press in a style more befitting of a footballer's wife or TV soap star....
She looks a little tubby and over-the-hill to me. And I've got an excellent eye. This is a joke piece, isn't it?
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