BBC 'put troops at risk'

Political Editor

The BBC puts Our Boys at risk.

FURIOUS ministers last night suggested BBC chiefs had put the lives of British soldiers at risk in Afghanistan.

Defence Secretary Des(erter) Browne blasted “careless” talk which costs lives.

His outburst came after the BBC broadcast an interview with a Taliban leader in Afghanistan who described the British presence as a “war”.

Ministers fear his words will provoke Afghans to attack Our Boys — when the troops’ aim is to help rebuild the country.

Mr Browne told MPs: “Feeding that back into Helmand puts our troops at risk.

“The Taliban have an impressive information operation and every word in our media and our Parliament is taken back.

“It’s careless with the lives of our soldiers to sow confusion where no confusion exists.”

Mr Browne made his anger known as he was grilled by MPs on the defence committee.

He blasted suggestions there is “confusion” over the Afghanistan mission.

The BBC interview was broadcast on the day Mr Browne ordered 900 extra troops to Afghanistan.