One Man's Alleged Crime Leads to Another's Arrest or Child Molestation
May. 06, 2006
Matthew Ryan Hahn glared in disbelief at the digital photographs of a man molesting a girl. She was only a year old, maybe two.

The next thing to do would be obvious -- call police. But Hahn had been convicted of burglary more than once. And the memory card on which he discovered the photos came from a stolen safe.

Hanh knew being nabbed for another crime could make him a three-striker and send him to prison for life. But the images were burned into his mind. One photo showed some freshly overturned earth -- could the little girl have already been killed and buried?

After a sleepless night, Hahn took the card, placed it inside a pink change purse and attached a typewritten note. It said: ``Please remove this animal from the streets.''

He wrapped the whole thing in a package that he jammed into a random mailbox. It was addressed to the Los Gatos Police Department.

A year later, Hanh, 26, is in Elmwood correctional facility. Housed in the next building over, in protective custody, is John ``Robbie'' Robertson Aitken. The 22-year-old with no previous criminal record is charged with molesting his infant goddaughter -- his boss' child.

This is the story of two young Los Gatos men, both facing life in prison, and how one's crime may have halted the other's.

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Should Matthew Ryan Hahn be considered a Hero even though he was breaking the law? His actions did save a young child from a Child Molester yet he did break the law in saving the child..

The bottom line Matthew Ryan Hahn is a Hero, yes he did break the law but he did help bring to justice a Child Molester so his crime of stealing the safe is the lesser of two evils..