Judge to rule on Killers Parole

Judge to rule Friday on parole for Cecilia Zhang's killer
Last Updated Wed, 10 May 2006 08:37:20 EDT
CBC News

An Ontario judge will rule Friday when the Chinese visa student convicted of killing nine-year-old Cecilia Zhang will be eligible for parole.
A photo of Min Chen is shown by Peel Regional Police Chief Noel Catney during a 2004 press conference in Brampton, Ont. (Aaron Harris/Canadian Press)

* FROM MAY 9, 2006: Student pleads guilty to killing 9-year-old Cecilia Zhang

Min Chen pleaded guilty to second-degree murder Tuesday, admitting he kidnapped the schoolgirl in October, 2003 in order to extract a ransom.

My vote is the maximum. He killed for financial reward. Chen is one I would hang.

He should have been charged with first degree murder.
It is unfortunate;

that this animal wasn't caught and convicted in China. In China they charge the killer for the bullet they shoot him with. I've always thought that was a nice touch.
He may,of course,get a Chinese bullet yet, since he will be deported to China once he's served his prison time here.
Part of the larger story is WHY he kidnapped Cecilia.
He was here,on a student visa, and wanted to remain in Canada. To do that,he needed to marry a Canadian citizen. AND,to do that,he needed a large amount of money(presumably a ransom from Cecilia's parents).
It's amazing to me that this sort of thing occurs with great regularity in China...and,of course,students,immigrants and refugees bring this sort of "cultural" heritage to Canada.
You are right annabattler

What I don't understand is how he was charged with only second degree murder. The crime was planned, and it was for financial gain. The second degree charge was probably what paid for the confession.
The death was the result of a crime being committed and that qualifies it as first degree.

Instead of going forward, our so called justice system goes backwards and the guy is charged with a lesser offence. No wonder people (some) want the death penelty back....in this case we might not have killed him, but atleast we wouldn't have to lessen the charge.
This is the law in Canada;

First degree murder is murder that is planned and deliberate (section 231(2)). Where a death occurs in the course of a sexual assault or criminal harassment, it is first degree murder whether or not the death was planned or deliberate (section 231 (5), (6)).

It is our stupid judges that do it to us.
#juan, you know that our justices do not determine the charge the charge is determined by the persons making the charge. The justices rule on the commission of a crime only after a charge has been made. Our judges are not "stupid" it's not their job to determine who is charged with what.
It is my understanding that though the Crown prosecutors lay the charge, the judge must approve the charge. I also know that judges approve plea bargains.
In this case they should just pop the little ****.

He will be living "in interesting times" in prison.

Maybe better to let him serve a lot of time with Big Louie, Moe the Mauler, and black belt master Horny Henry.

That's karma, folks.

Nah, shoot the weiner.
He got 15 years

Is it enough? In cases like this, 15 years tend to get whittled down to ten when we subtract time served, etc.



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