Study finds no evidence for UFOs

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This is just an opinion

but I think it is a little more positive then that. There is an awful lot of raw material out there that could have formed untold numbers of planets just like the Earth was when the primordial soup gave us the first "life" in the form of little more than self-replicating cells. If we accept that we all evolved from those first beginnings of life, I can see no reason to think that the Galaxies are not teeming with life in every stage of developement. The more civilizations there are, the more likely our chances are of finding evidence of their existance. I'm not saying they will visit us, but Earth has been emitting copious radio waves for a few years now and eventually the wave front will reach someone with the ability to deduct what they are and answer us. Alas, an answer is probably many years away yet, but there is room for hope.
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New physics are removing the problems associated with the distance between stars as being the major hurdle it was. String theroy and Quantum stuff postulate multidimensions gravity being one...

Well... not really. The wall between physics and metaphysics is still firmly in place, though there's certainly a lot of quackery and nonsense around certain parts of physics. Read this (external - login to view) for instance. There's no reason yet to think quantum effects can be scaled up to operate in the world of macroscopic objects, that's pure speculation. Arthur C. Clarke's dictum, that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, doesn't mean magic is possible.

In any event, we're a very long way from being able to turn string theory and quantum theory into useful technology for star hopping, and no reason at the moment to even think it can be done. So far, it appears that the limits imposed by a relativistic universe are pretty firm.

We're a very long way from being able to turn string theory and quantum theory into something useful, that's true for us but it don't necessarilly mean that it hasn't already been done somewhere else. What I was trying to say was that magic does not exist and that science provides the reality and substance that displaces superstition. We are surrounded by many products and processes that mere years ago would clearly have been considered magic,were considered magic.
Absence of proof is not the proof of absence...
smart s_lone
that's true radio signals have been sent over a half century, and they travel at speed of light. They have reached far far galaxies and planets.

If there are any extraterrastial life, it does not nessecerly mean that they are as inteligent or more inteligent than us.

Imagine if the Earth had been the interest of extraterrestial inteligence long time ago. And suppose they had sent millions of signals. No one was able to know about them.

Presently, man must be experiencing the same problem. Maybe extraterrestials are not inteligent enough to catch signals, or maybe they are at stage of evolution, or are dying from catastroph and have no time to respond.

If radio signals have been broadcast for fifty years, those signals have traveled fifty light years. The nearest galaxy is a hundred and seventy light years away. Fifty light years would reach to a few of the closest stars. Remember, if it took fifty years for a signal to travel fifty light years, it will take the same amount of time for an answering signal to return when they get around to it.
the nearest galaxy is Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy which is 25,000 ly away, and the nearest star (Proxima Centauri) is 4.22 light-years away. Which means by the time we die, the first radio signal sent will not even leave Milky Way. So sad.

Note: 1 light-year = 63 239.7 A.U.s = 9 460 530 000 000 kilometers
Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by darkbeaver

We're a very long way from being able to turn string theory and quantum theory into something useful....

Not entirely. On string theory, yes, there's as yet no empirical evidence in its favour, so far it's just a calculating trick that might or might not end up having something to do with reality. Quantum theory is a different matter. We long ago turned that into something useful. The circuits in most electronic devices you use--a tv set, a computer, a CD/DVD/MP3/whatever player, everything in fact but a simple radio--contain devices that depend on quantum theory for their effects. Look up CMOS and tunnel diode, for instance, and find out how they really work in detail. They're quantum devices. Quantum theory's not some airy-fairy nothing-to-do-with-reality stuff, it's real enough that it can be used in engineering design for devices that actually work as expected.
If the British Government tells me that flying saucers are just "balls of plasma" I tend not to believe them.

It's just a cover-up.
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I'm not saying that aliens or ufos exist, but I do think its extremely ignorant and arrogant of us to believe that we are definitely the only intelligent life forms out there. The universe is soooooooo HUGE and we are just one tiny part of it. We just cant be all there is out there.

I TOTALLY agree!
If the Milky Way were reduced to 130 km (80 mi) in diameter, the solar system would be a mere 2 mm (0.08 in) in width.

I had forgotten about the Canis Major dwarf but it doesn't change things very much. It is still a hell of a long distance from here. The distance in kilometers is all but meaningless because the numbers are so high. My son and I took a few great colour photos of Andromeda last year. What impresses me is that the lovely telescope photos are giving us information that is two million years old. For all we know, Andromeda blew up and disappeared thousands of years ago. I'm sure it didn't, but how would we know?
can you send me some of those photoes, please? I am eager to see the sky thourgh telescope. Unfortunately, I don't have one.

I'm really interested in astornomy. I see in the night sky, but I have no clue what I really see. Next semester I am taking a class of astronomy. It will explode my mind on this subject.

I've been studiing astronomy all by myself. So far I've learned a little. It's true that the light reached the Earth had left their origin 10th, 100th, 1000th, millionth, years ago. So, currently we are studiing the "history" of the galaxies and stars.

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